Alice wonders if you can help her find a silver lining!

Alice wandered into Wonderland....well, actually a parking garage up north in Dongducheon. A friend took pity and started feeding her, noting her poor condition. She is SUPER friendly and sweet, but very skinny, dirty, and hungry. After posting some pictures, other volunteers noticed that her belly was very round, so of course we all suspected she must be pregnant.

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Edward and A New Beginning

Hi everybody, many of you I'm sure are aware of my foster kitty Edward who passed away a little over a week ago. I received Edward from his owner two weeks ago because she simply didn't want him anymore and most likely could not deal with the idea of a sick cat. His owner gave ARK volunteers an ultimatum of taking the cat back within days or she would have taken him to a shelter.

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Dog found in Daegu - URGENT HELP NEEDED

HELLO! PLEASE HELP. I was found alongside a busy street in Eastern Daegu. the girl who found me lives in a dorm and she cannot keep me here. MONDAY October 8 is the LAST DAY I can stay here!!! She does not want to send me to a shelter, she wants me to find a loving home. I am sweet and loving- I don't know my history, but I would LOVE to meet a new family.

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Ginger, one of KAPS' "forgottens", was ADOPTED!


Ginger has lived at KAPS for the past five years. She's always been a volunteer favorite, and we've been advocating for her and other "forgottens" at the KAPS shelter to find their forever home for ages.

Yesterday, she found her forever home with Niyi!

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Exporting Jindo Puppies


Over the Chuseok holiday I rescued two small puppies on Wando beach in Jeollanamdo province that I think are Jindos (although I'm not certain).

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Move back to the US

I am in the planning stages of a move back to the US. I have been in Korea for 3 years. I brought my Golden Retriever over here with me, and we bought a cat through Rescue Korea while here. We would like to take both pets back to the US with us. The move won't be for a while. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Advice needed on how to let go!

Around 4 or 5 months ago, I found a tiny kitten starving in an alley on Jindo. I took him home where he almost immediately bonded with me and my dog, Alexis. Not long after, I adopted another dog, Chloe. Not long after that, I decided to foster two more kittens, Quint and Brody, the same age as my own. Recently, I found a family who wants to adopt all three kittens.

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Nobu - 2 surgeries down, 3 to go!

27 Sept 2012:
THANK YOU!! Today I received a large donation which EXACTLY reached our goal for Nobu's surgeries and took my breath away at the same time. I am so touched by everyone's generosity and simply cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


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Dragged behind a scooter at 1 month old.

It sickens me to have to write a story like this. Last night i recieved a call to come and help a puppy. I went and found this tiny little white body curled up in a box. He had diarreah and was malnurished. Did not respond to me or food at all. Due to the language barrier i was not able to get his full story. Not until i picked him up this morning to got to the vet.

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what should i do

this is zsa zsa 2 years old.. i saw a korean lady with this poor dog . the dog is inside the box and has a chain on her neck .the chain is very rust and big for her neck. she is very dirty and smelly. she looks scared and hungry..i try to touch her she looks very scared.

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