Edward and A New Beginning

Hi everybody, many of you I'm sure are aware of my foster kitty Edward who passed away a little over a week ago. I received Edward from his owner two weeks ago because she simply didn't want him anymore and most likely could not deal with the idea of a sick cat. His owner gave ARK volunteers an ultimatum of taking the cat back within days or she would have taken him to a shelter. I met up with Edward's owner the same day that she decided to return him, and not once was it mentioned to myself or any of the other rescuers that he may be ill. When I got Edward back to my apartment later that night I noticed that he was emaciated and extremely shy. It was not until the next day that I noticed that when I tried to get him to walk he was very unsteady on his feet and preferred to just lie in his bed. Unfortunately Edward was not eating or using the litter box and I had to make him eat. The first time that I took Edward to the vet he informed me that Edward had mild dehydration but since I had only had him for 5 days that I should wait a few more days to see if he would eat on his own. Sadly Edward did not get better and two days later when I took him back to the vet he did many tests to try to find out why this little guy was so sick all the while pumping him full of liquids. It turned out that Edward had FIP which mainly affects cats under 1yr of age and is nearly always fatal with a short life expectancy. FIP is a mutation of the coronavirus which is a fairly common virus for cats which in 5-10 percent of infected cats becomes FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Edward was given a very short life expectancy as he was already in the stage of loss of motor functions and lack of eating and the kindest thing to do at that point was to euthanize him.

As there is not definitive way to test for FIP my vet had to test Edward for multiple other diseases before he was able to diagnose FIP, and while my vet himself is not expensive immediate lab results are (it was the weekend right before Chuseok and there was no way of getting send away result in under two weeks). I understand that fostering is an expensive job, but as I had only had Edward for one week I was not expecting to be hit up with a 300,000w vet bill. I had been hoping to use that money for vet bills for some stray cats I am trying to catch in front of my apartment. The reason I am posting over a week after the fact is that I had been hoping that Edward's owner would be willing to help me with the vet bill, but so far she has been unresponsive to my emails and I am getting a little desperate.

If anyone would be willing to donate a small amount to cover Edward's vet bills it would be very appreciated. A few bucks here and there would mean the world to a few kittens who need to get off the street before winter hits. Edward's sad story has really hit me hard and he has really made me need to help the cats in my area. I actually just found a box of kittens over the weekend and was freaking out about how to pay to take them to the vet. Thankfully a good friend of mine offered to take them for me and they are now safe and sound with her.

Thanks for reading and thanks for everyone who was so kind to me after Edward's passing.

My banking information is:
Jordan Schultz

NH: 352-0455-9025-03

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Jordan have you had any donations yet?

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:( No donations yet, but I know that everyone is really busy.

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Exciting news! Someone donated 50,000w today! I don't know who it was and I would love to thank you.

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Thanks for the people who donated, I did get a total of 60,000w and it really helped a lot. I would prefer if everyone donated to the other causes...if I knew how to delete this post I would :) Thanks again!

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You don't need to delete it - just move it to the "thank you" category :)