Ginger, one of KAPS' "forgottens", was ADOPTED!


Ginger has lived at KAPS for the past five years. She's always been a volunteer favorite, and we've been advocating for her and other "forgottens" at the KAPS shelter to find their forever home for ages.

Yesterday, she found her forever home with Niyi!

Ginger, who was also known at the shelter as "Mushim"--meaning "disinterested", one who keeps to herself-- strutted her stuff right up to Niyi, and the rest is history. Ginger will now be living with Niyi in Andong before eventually moving to the UK.

Thanks to everyone who has advocated for Ginger over the years.

Older dogs make great companions for people who might not want an energetic younger dog. There are countless other reasons to adopt an adult dog. Read the ASPCA's "Top 10 Reasons to an Adult Dog" at the following link:

KAPS has other "forgottens" who are in need of forever homes!


For more information, please contact Sara Tilley at [email protected].


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Thanks for sharing the great news. I like the Top 10 list, too :)

Congrats to Ginger and her new fam!

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Sad news yesterday. Niyi, Ginger's new adopter, emailed to say Ginger passed away. For the last couple of weeks she was in and out of the vet, still no clear word on exactly what her coughing and sickness was (the vet said Pneumonia). She was home with Niyi for 5 days but yesterday morning she began coughing up blood. He rushed her to the vet but the vet called him later to say her heart had stopped.
Ginger was at the shelter the whole time I have been volunteering (5 years) and was sick on and off the whole time. KAPS had taken her to the vet numerous times and she had various medicines, they would work for a short time and then the coughing would be back.
She will be sorely missed by Sunnan (KAPS founder and Chairwoman), Ms Moon (who manages the dog shelter) and many of the volunteers who grew to know her during the dog walks. A very sad day.

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Poor little angel. I am so sad for her and everyone who knew her. :(