Alice wonders if you can help her find a silver lining!

Alice wandered into Wonderland....well, actually a parking garage up north in Dongducheon. A friend took pity and started feeding her, noting her poor condition. She is SUPER friendly and sweet, but very skinny, dirty, and hungry. After posting some pictures, other volunteers noticed that her belly was very round, so of course we all suspected she must be pregnant. She was brought down to Seoul and expected to give birth within days. When she didn't, the doctors at Chungwha performed a sonogram and established that she wasn't pregnant but has 2 large tumors in her abdomen.

I spoke with Dr. Moon and she says that it will be expensive to find out if these tumors and cancerous and what her treatment options are.

Because her initial foster home fell through, she urgently needs a foster and she has been accruing boarding fees at Chungwha vet.


1. A loving foster home! She is an awesome cat and she deserves some snuggles and TLC :)

2. W600,000
Dr. Moon says the tests will be around W400,000 and with the other vet fees she has accrued, we are looking at a minimum of 600,000. Can you help??

Please send donations to:
Woori Bank 1002-139-793542



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I apologize for not updating the thread sooner. It has been a whirlwind for Alice.

Turns out, she DOESN'T have tumors or cancer or anything like that. The doctor opened her up and discovered she had a rare condition called an ectopic pregnancy, where the babies grow outside of the uterus. Of course, this is deadly for the mother, and babies cannot survive.

BUT the good news is Alice is healthy! No tumors, no pregnancy, spayed, and ready to leave the vet. We still need your help!

The tests were all very expensive and the tab at the vet has climbed over a million. Please help us! Alice is such a wonderful little kitty and deserves nothing but the best.

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Has Alice received any donations? I hope she's doing well!

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I apologize for not updating this thread. I had been focused on finding her a foster hone which (yay!) has been found! She is doing great and thriving there. Though I have had some donations, over 700,000 is still owed to the vet. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. I am moving away from Korea with 2 pets in less than 3 weeks and those expenses are alone pretty high. I am so happy we were able to save Alice. Had she not been rescued, she would have died from the ectopic pregnancy. Please help, no amount is too small.

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Three donations came through and the goal has been met! Thank you everyone!

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That's awesome! Congrats!

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