Exporting Jindo Puppies


Over the Chuseok holiday I rescued two small puppies on Wando beach in Jeollanamdo province that I think are Jindos (although I'm not certain).

When I found them, they were hanging around a small, vacant office building and they were very thin. After doing some investigating, I discovered that there were some men nearby who wanted to buy them in order to either eat them or sell them for meat. After asking some more questions in the vicinity, I ended up finding out that they belonged to this small municipal office on the beach. They had been abandoned for the entire holiday without any food or water. Based on their appearance, I also strongly suspect that they had not been fed very well in the past as well. It was a tough decision because I live alone in an apartment, but I took them with me. When I brought them back to my apartment, they started trying to eat dirt out of a mat in my kitchen and it quickly became obvious that they were extremely undernourished.

Anyway, I have a few concerns. The first pertains to whether or not I'll be able to raise them over the long haul. I have been around dogs for the past 25 years of my life, so I am quite familiar with what it requires to raise and look after them, as well as fulfilling their mental needs. However I have done a fair amount of research into the Jindo breed's disposition and how they are very high energy dogs that need a lot of space to run and what not. My building is adjacent to a large mountain with a lot of trails that are very close by, so I'm hoping that the ability to take them on frequent long walks would offset the apartment. If I could get some advice and opinions on that, it would be great.

Secondly, I heard that it is difficult to export Jindo dogs out of the country. Does anyone know how to go about exporting them? I have already fallen in love with them, and I plan on taking them back home to Canada with me when I leave Korea. I'm very concerned about this.

Lastly, I have attached a few pictures so I can hopefully get confirmation from someone who is knowledgeable about the Jindo breed whether or not they are in fact Jindos. I'm taking them to a vet on Saturday, but I would really like to get confirmation on a breed asap.

Thank you!


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Just did a little reading and it seems as long as they're labeled "mixed" on their papers you shouldn't have a problem. It seems like (from what I've read) only the jindos on Jindo Island who are microchipped are the ones you'll have a problem exporting. They are adorable! The vet will probably say they are jindo mixes. Hope they're doing well! Congrats on your new children :-)

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Hi Griff,

Those certainly look to be Jindo puppies. I am a Jindo owner, and live in a small apartment with my Jindo plus two other dogs. You are right about them being high energy dogs, and they will need a lot of stimulation (both mental and physical) to live happily with you, but to be honest this would be the case regardless of your living space. I adopted my Jindo as a pup when he was about 5 months old, and he is now about two and weighs 50 pounds. He gets about 2 ~2.5 hours of exercise every day, but sometimes less if we don't have time, or if it is a 'lazy' day. ;) He does just fine in our apartment, although we did have some chewing issues when he was younger. I think this had a lot more to do with him being a puppy, rather than being a Jindo, though. :)

They are wonderful dogs, I can't stress that enough. Once you get the go ahead from the vet that they are healthy, and are up to date on their vaccinations, I suggest that you begin socializing them with both other dogs and people as much and as often as you can. My Jindo is terribly shy and fearful in a lot of situations, and I often wish I'd gotten him when he was a few months younger, or else worked harder to help him come out of his shell when we first brought him home. Jindos are known to be a little reserved at the best of times, and I think that is something you should keep in mind. That being said, in our home, my Jindo is the cuddliest, friendliest, goofiest guy in the world. He sleeps in our bed with us every night, gives us kisses, loves affection, and is our biggest fan. He loves learning new tricks and is very smart, too.

If you do decide to keep them, bringing them home with you to Canada won't be a problem, as long as they are spayed/neutered. Only unfixed Jindos with 'papers' are prohibited from leaving Korea. This was something I worried about too, before adopting Tank, but since he is just a 'shelter' dog and now neutered, he will be coming home with me no problem. :)

I've attached a picture of Tank, from when he was a puppy, and a recent photo. Please let me know if you have any more questions! I love Jindos so much and would be happy to help!~~