Dragged behind a scooter at 1 month old.

It sickens me to have to write a story like this. Last night i recieved a call to come and help a puppy. I went and found this tiny little white body curled up in a box. He had diarreah and was malnurished. Did not respond to me or food at all. Due to the language barrier i was not able to get his full story. Not until i picked him up this morning to got to the vet.

Yesterday 4 "university age" boys decided to tie him to the back of their scooter and ride. As they did this they other 3 ran behind and kicked him. Not for long, thank goodness. My "animal-rescue-helper" ran out and stoped it. She took the puppy somewhere safe and thats when she called me.

I took him to the vet and did numerous tests forinfectious diseases and thankfully he is negative for all. He has no external wounds except 100's of tick bites and a small sore on his nose. The vet put on an IV with fluids, vitamins, something for diarreah, ticks and all allround "make you better" cocktail. Within minutes he yelped.

His back legs, due to the dragging, are both sprained. Not broken. And we discovered that one food has 6 toes ;o)

It was the first time he made any sound or movement so that was a good sign. He wanted to bite the drip in his arm.

He was put in an oxygen incubator and to my delight looked like he was going to survive. On our arrival the vet said his soul was broken, when i left he said he will fix it.

I have been rescuing for almost 5 years now, run my own TNR program and have 7 of my own rescued cats and this is the first time i have to ask for donations. Todays little endevour cost 162,100. He will stay at the vet for atleast 4 more days at 100,000+- a day. So totalling 562,100. Please ask for reciepts if you would like to see.

I know most ARK followers have their own expenses with rescues etc but if you have anything you can spare we will both really appreciate it.

This poor baby was never meant to experience this at such a young age (or ever) so i need to do what best to make him ok again. Once home and settles he will need to go to a foster home or forever home.

I dont have any pics of him at the moment, all i can do is describe him. He is less than 1kg, white. Looks like a Chiwawa. Is a small breed. Vet says he is not a typical street dog. Ill post apic as soon as i see him again.

My Bank details are

Michelle van Veyeren

Thank-you from both of us

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What a heart-breaking story!! I'm so glad that you and your animal-rescue-helper were there to give him a fighting chance! Thank you so much for saving his life!

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I am so glad that have a people like you around you here

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I am so glad she was there too. I will never turn a furry friend away and its so amazing having Koreans that want to help. Hoping to hear from the vet soon. Will keep you posted ^^

Our first donation:

Amy Stewart Lawrence 100,000.
Still need: 462,100

Thanks from both of us Amy ;o)

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Good News. He did well through the night. The vet said he has a slight appetite this morning. He also said that he will only charge me 70,000 pd. He has to run more tests today and has a physio helping him with his back legs. This means we still only need to raise 342,100 KRW. Any amount, big or small will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hello friends. I am all finished at the vet. I have been discharged because ate all the yummy food they game me. I have yukky meds for a week but am on the way recovery. I had a xray yesterdayand they found my intestines were full of stones. I must have been very hungry to eat stones. My legs are feeling better but i have low muscle tone so my leggies are going to be something that needs to be watched. In a few days ill be ready to go to my forever home. Thanks for thinking of me and especially those who helped pay my bills.

My mommy will check tomorrow how much money has been donated and give you an update.

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I sent some money! I hope it helps because no one in the world deserves that kind of treatment. I'll be praying for his swift recovery and adoption!

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Thank-you Lunatokki!!!Ill confirm tomorrow that i got it. Need to get a new bankbook. Ill keep you posted about how he's doing. The lady that he stayed with last night said he is walking around her apt this morning and seems toher like he tried to play. YAY. Thanks again.

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Did anything happen to those horrible boys that did this to this poor defenseless guy?

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Thank-you to everyone who has send well wishes and donations. Especially:

Amy Lawrence 100.000
Stefanie and Thomas 100.000
Healdog 20.000

There was one other transaction but its in Korean so not sure if its a donation. If someone else donated PLEASE let me know so i can thank you.

So still need 122,100. Anything big or small is greatly appreciated.

*bariedel, not yet. No one has come forward with any info but im still looking. Ill keep you posted. Thanks for the concern ^^

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Poor little mite! Count us in for 100,000 won. We'll go to the bank tomorrow.

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I sent 100,000 won. ^^ I'm not sure if that's the one you're talking about

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Barry and I have donated 200,000 not 100,000 because he will need more vet treatment before he gets better.
Thanks for looking after him.

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Lunatokki and julieoates thank you from the bottom of both our hearts. Ill confirm with you tomorrow that i have recieved it. You are all so special!

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shellyvv, Did you reach your goal for this poor sweet boy? Or does he need additional care?

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Hey! Yes, we did. He is ok for now ;O)

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Hello everyone! My amazing foster family has opened their hearts to me and decided to adopt me. I am so happy. Thanks to everyone who has been thinking of me. I am going to have such a great life!