what should i do

this is zsa zsa 2 years old.. i saw a korean lady with this poor dog . the dog is inside the box and has a chain on her neck .the chain is very rust and big for her neck. she is very dirty and smelly. she looks scared and hungry..i try to touch her she looks very scared. i feel sorry for her and thinking how come if a person who toke my Shia is doing a same to her that she suffering the way they care to the dog..i would be demonstated if i find out that my Shia is suffering..
i was looking at the poor dog then the ajjoma ask me if i want the dog. i said no . then she said you can have her for 50,000 WON
she selling the poor dog for 50,000 won to me ,she said she have already shots . i look at the dog she look scared and need to be loved
i pay her 50000 won to get a poor dog..i toke her to my home and give her a bath i find out that she have a few scars..i feed her she was very hungry and very unhealthy she look sick ..i massage her back and saying dont worry your safe now
i look at her eyes .. i think she have tears on her eyes..
after a couple days i found out that she is not poty train and poop every where even on a couch or bed..
thats the problem i have to clean the house..and i dont have enough time.
im thinking to take her back to ajjoma and not taking back the money ..
but evertime i look at her i cannot do it she looks happy now and gain weight..
i dont know what to do..she poop everywhere and she pee everywhere
shes 2 years old and i dont know how to train her..any suggestion ?

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any suggestion how can i train her.. do you think she can still learn even shes not a baby

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Yes, dogs can definitely be trained at any age. I'd confine her to a small area at first and contact Karolina (http://www.karolinatrainsdogs.com) for more advice. Please don't give up looking for Shia too.

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thank you so much red dog ..thats very inspiring

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I agree with red dog! Good luck!

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Yes, I agree too :) Adult dogs can be house trained, absolutely!

Here is a helpful article: House Training Your Adult Dog

Go to the section "What to Do About the Problem" for instructions. The section "What NOT to do" is also really good.

You should first take her to a vet to make sure she doesn't have health problems. It won't be easy to train her if she is sick.

Also, please don't return her to the person you bought her from-- that's sounds like a cruel situation. Please check some Korean lost dog websites (animal.go.kr and angel.or.kr) to see if she has owners looking for her and post "found dog" notices there, too.

Thank you so much for helping her!

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Since my son read all you suggest that she can still learn. he decide to keep her and train her . Zsa zsa had a trauma to her former owner or maybe shes not her owner..yes i will look a site if someone looking for her thank yousuggestion to your

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Hi, I have a little crate that my dog doesn't use anymore. It would really help you with potty training because she would learn not to do the toilet in there and you can control when she comes out of the crate, and take her outside. I would love to mail it to you if you think it could be useful?

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Great... heres my e [email protected]