Osoohni doing great at her foster home!

I have been privileged to have little Osoohni share my home for the past month. She is doing wonderfully and has adapted really well to having her own home! She sleeps on my easy chair during the day and plays with her chewy bones and treats. We go out 3 times a day, and she picked up this routine within the first two days so that she hardly ever messes in the house.

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Conversation with a Korean animal advocate

I'd like to say thank you to Mishall, a member of ARK as well as several Korean animal protection groups including Voice 4 Animals, for taking time to meet me at a Loving Hut in Seoul and talk to me about the campaigns she's been involved in. I hope to research some of those issues in more depth in the near future--this announcement touches on just two.

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KAPS Daegu Dog Walks

The first dog walk of the year is now behind us, but the second is coming up quickly! If you're missing your canine (or feline!) friends from home, join us at KAPS in Daegu TOMORROW, Saturday April 14th.

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Johnny the lil' yorkie from Jeonju, Now Needs You!

UPDATE: Johnnie has overshot his goal majorly! See here for details:

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Help Bear to fly HOME!!

This is Bear.

Bear lived in the shelter for four long, hard years. His health status was a deterrent for potential adopters and fosters as he has hypothyroidism which required medicine 4 x daily. Bear was overweight, lethargic and unhappy. He had a terrible ear infection (the worst his vet had ever seen) amongst other health issues.

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Advice /Assistance Needed: Neglected "Meat Dog" Suwon-Si

We see them everywhere. The poor “meat dog” chained up to a dog house and
left to the elements while being fed scraps and never receiving an ounce of
love. I have walked by too many of these pups. Watched them come and go,
giving treats, a pat and a few kind words, knowing that they will soon be

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Pls help Charlie an amazing choco poodle taste a joy of life!

RESCUE STORY: At the end of last year, Charlie was found around Emart in Daejeon & a staff left him to a vet. He looked overall fine & even wore clothes. Assuming that the owner will be showing up soon, the vet decided to wait for about 2 weeks. Saddly, no one ever claimed Charie. Instead of being sent to a pound, he is still at the vet clinic.

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3 years of joy

Three years ago, I adopted my little Lacy kitty from the Asan shelter (or should I say that she adopted me). Any any rate, she has given me so much joy and loving compansionship. Thank you ARK for taking care of Lacy until I could find her!

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Please help rescue a yorkie in Jeon Ju

Hi everyone - happy valentine's day.

I am a newcomer to ARK, having found it after a desperate web search. I live in San Francisco. My mother is temporarily in Korea to take care of an ill relative.

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Cut Cody's Complicated Surgery Cost

Saved from potential cancer... Cody came from KAPS, fostered by Sara and now adopted. At KAPS, his time was running out as he had lost a significant about of weight, caught a cold, and refused to eat.

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