Charlie's Chance at Life

22 Feb 2013: Our goal is to get Charlie a stable foster or forever home by MARCH 1st! Please spread the word!! Thank you to all that helped us achieve our monetary goal. I will purchase the medicine and post the receipt here. THANK YOU!!

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Please help raise funds for Domino's medical expenses

3.23.13: Thank you to those who responded with concern about Domino and helped us to relieve the financial burden of his medical costs. We are happy to report that he was adopted today, and that his health has been steadily improving thanks to his medical treatment. We are so happy for him, and wish him all the best! Again, thank you to those who cared about him and contributed.

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Paws and Socks Need Some Shots!

6/11/2013: Paws and Socks were adopted, so their new human/s have the responsibility of getting them spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. We did receive some donations, thank you to those who donated.

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Adopter and Courier: All about Travel

Though airports and itineraries are daunting to some, I have always found them connected with the ideals of adventure and as such, quite enjoy travel. However, I had never considered the possibility of sharing the mad dash from flight to flight with an animal, let along two dogs. That was intimidating even for me.

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Surprise, I'm bleeding!

Gangja's (aprox) first 5 years of life have been rough. She was a breeder dog and her previous owners bred her as much as they could. Could you imagine giving birth to litter after litter only to have them taken from you and used for God only knows what!?!

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A small rooftop apt in Seoul burned down. It was an art academy, apparently. Anyhow, they kept a stray cat, which would sleep inside at night. The place is a complete ruin now. The cat was left on the street. He was roaming around in the rubble. :( Nobody from the academy has been to the building.

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Daejeon Paws January Sponsorship

Daejeon Paws shelter is a privately run no-kill shelter for dogs and cats (currently, about 50 dogs and 7 cats). The shelter recently lost a source of income and is now entirely supported by donations. If you would like to help keep this wonderful little shelter going, here's what is needed and what you can do to help:


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Kami: from meat farm via shelter to Vancouver

Hello everyone!

I'm here to ask for your help. Another shelter dog needs our support. Her name is Kami.

Kami is a wonderful dog that lives in Yangju animal shelter, South Korea. 3 years ago Kami was rescued from a dog meat farm somewhere in Korea. Since then she lives in Yangju animal shelter.

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New Pet Dog Registration System rules

Pet Dog Registration System to be fully implemented in 2013:

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need help with cat training

About two months ago, my boyfriend and I rescued a street cat that lived a few minutes away from our apartment. We took him to the vet to get checked out and everything was fine. He's now a four month old, unneutered, male.

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