Move back to the US

I am in the planning stages of a move back to the US. I have been in Korea for 3 years. I brought my Golden Retriever over here with me, and we bought a cat through Rescue Korea while here. We would like to take both pets back to the US with us. The move won't be for a while. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Here's a general overview about flying with pets from the Articles section here on ARK: Air Travel With a Pet

It's written for Canada, but the steps are pretty much the same for the US (Hawaii being one notable exception). Are there any particular steps you'd like more details about?

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I asked on Facebook if anyone had any tips for you and Katelin kindly posted these links:

Cargo crate info for planes:

where to buy for cat:

where to buy for large dog: (exact model I got for my 23kg Golden) (have a Korean citizen order - they don't recognize ARC IDs!)

US' CDC site for pet import rules:

Karen's tips (travel to Canada, but basically same rules for US import and travel):

Tips & place to find airline policies:

Travel Checklist:

Video on prepping kennel:

Nuts & Bolts for Golden's Crate: (shipped internationally)

Strongly suggest microchipping both pets with ISO chop: (and register them in Korea & online on the international site yourself)

Water bottle for Golden (must teach him/her how to use it!) (also buy a food bowl ^^ and any other items for flight & comfort on this site - it's great! high shipping cost if civilian in Korea, but eh, worth it to be prepared!! : )

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Thanks Clare_Bell, I was mobile and didn't get onto the site yesterday ^^ I hope these links help! I really need to add more links to add that I've bookmarked... on the to do list!

Rohandel, if you have any further questions, I am happy to help. Please contact me via ARK or email me at LucyGooseROK at gmail dot com : )

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Thanks for your help. The links have proven most helpful. If I have any more questions, I'll let you know. I look forward to seeing the rest of the links. Thanks again.

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Thanks for all the links kmwg19 / clare_bell!

I just want to mention the website -- the site has some good info, but other aspects are a bit questionable: the section on "airline requirements" does not have links to any of the airlines' actual policies online. I wouldn't trust that all the information they've copied is up-to-date. Also, the "pet passports" they sell, as far as I have ever heard, are NOT required for travel.

For example, they are charging $12 for forms to Canada they say are required, but you receive these forms from your vet when s/he prepares your pet's health documentation and from the quarantine office. I've travelled from Korea to Canada with dogs three times, plus had one shipped cargo from Incheon, and the forms I received from Korean vets and the Korean quarantine office have always been adequate-- no need to purchase anything online.

Vets do charge for the service of preparing the health documents, but they provide the forms, you don't have to bring your own. If anyone knows differently, please let us know!

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Sure thing Karen ^^

Very true. It is important to research individual airlines and their requirements on their own websites. There you will find the most up to date info for sure. It is also best to call the airline to confirm everything. And, when you are ready to buy your ticket, call to ensure your pet can go on that flight as well (many airlines limit the number of animals that can be on a flight). After you buy the tickets, again tell them you'll bring a pet. Better to call many times and keep them aware then to be surprised at the airport should there be any issues on their end.

Pet passports are not needed for the US. Pet passports may be required for other countries though, EU countries I believe all need them.

I agree. Visit the airline's site for what they require, the CDC for their requirements, and then head to the vet and get everything there. The only time I recommended just buying the forms for the US from pettravel was when someone was living in a small town in Korea and the vet didn't speak a lot of English. I thought it was better to ensure she had the proper forms and done correctly then being stressed and questioning.

Hope this helps to clarify for everyone ^^