Help! My dog just peed...Potty Training Basics!

‎"HELP! I don't know what to do! I'm at my wits ends! My new dog has peed inside when I told him not to. I rubbed his face into it while screaming at him "NOOOOO!" and he just doesn't seem to understand! I don't know what to do! He gets on the couch and pees. Then he's on the bed, peeing. Every time I yell loudly at him, he just pees again, and then he runs and hides.

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UPDATE: January 19

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"Project Paul"

Update 31 Dec 2012:
Wow, I checked my bank account this morning and was simply blown away. Huge thanks to the donors who have contributed to Project Paul (listed below). We have reached and exceeded our goal - thank you!

I am going to check on Paul and take him for a walk in an hour so I will try and get some photos and videos of our sweet boy.

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First visit to KAPS

So today, I got to visit the KAPS shelter for the first time with the lovely Katja. She was nice enough to show me the way and how to use the subway. Come to find out, I live right near the shelter :) Well, we got to walk a couple of dogs. The one I had was such an energetic little girl, but I'm glad she got some energy out. It was great to see what is here in Korea with the dogs.

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Helpful info for bringing a dog from Korea to Canada

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to take this time to share some not so obvious helpful information we learned through our adoption of Pook and what you can expect if your dog is coming to Canada!

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Dire Straits on Jeju-do

The Jeju Yugidongmul Shelter is in need of help. At the end of December 2012 the shelter and all the animals there will be evicted from their current location.

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Bosuni Potty Problems

Thank you everyone for the donations and support. I am going to close this fundraiser; there are a lot of other fundraisers that are a lot more urgent than this one.

However, I was asked if donations could still be made. YES! I would still like to get her spayed when possible and of course cover the original bill as much as possible. Neither goal has been met yet!


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Little Jelly has a Grade 3 Luxating Patella

Jelly is a young terrier mix from Asan. For three years she lived at the shelter. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to have her come into foster care with me. During a routine vet visit, the doctor discovered Jelly has two luxating (floating) patellas. One is grade 1 and not worth operating on.

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Charlie's Horrible Heartworm Christmas Present ㅠㅠ

Charlie is one of the sweetest dogs around who absolutely didn't deserve heartworm. I've been working with a local vet who's given me a great deal on the cost of treatment. However, it's still a big chunk of money. Any help for Charlie would be appreciated. Here is his story below:

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New poster for Boots in the comments section below!! (Wearing the clothes he was wearing the day he was lost). Please, wherever you are, please print some out and stick them up. You never know who might see it and then see Boots.

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