Animal Rescue Korea closing September 1st

July 15: User registration closed. No new content (comments excepted).

September 1: Adoption listings removed. Commenting and login closed.

After Sept.1: Access to read-only content (Adopted Gallery, Articles, etc.)

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Adopt a pet from Yeonnam animal hospital in Seoul.

Thinking of adding a pet to your family?

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Moving to Daegu from USA

Seeking advice about moving with my two cats from the USA to Daegu this summer. I seem to have most of the importation information as the websites are clear and I have a good vet helping me here. However, searching in English, I have not been able to find out the current days of operation and work hours of the animal quarantine at Incheon airport.

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Please Donate for Darling (Spaying/Dental)

July 17, 2014: A lot has happened in such a short time. I recently got an interview for a new position and I received my exit allowance/severance. Thus I am going to close this donation page. Thank you to the donor for the 100,000 won! At the time I received it I was in a desperate situation and Darling really needed to start her basic medical procedures, etc.

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International Travel - Korea to Brazil


I will be moving back to Brazil soon and I would like to know if anyone has any tips or could maybe walk me through the process of bringing my pets home.
I will be taking two adult cats. I think one of them is skinny enough to go on board but the male is really big and will probably need to go as cargo.

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A raffle for needy animals - GREAT PRIZES!!


This fantastic online raffle will now be even more fantastic because we are going to do the draw on SATURDAY, JULY 26TH IN PERSON! Venue still TBD, but you now have more time to enter and have a fun, for-a-good-cause event to look forward to ;)

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Little Friends - Pet Sitting Service

Hi guys!

I'd like to invite you to join a new Facebook group for animal lovers who are looking for a pet sitting service for their little friends. You are free to post and comment anything about pets and their proper care and information.

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Help Out my Daffy Taffy Sweetie Pie!!

HUGE thank you to Mr. Mark Johnson who mooooore than generously donated a whooping W150,000. Taffy and I thank you enormously!!!


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LOST — red Jindo OnYong

OnYong was lost in Suji by her pet sitter while I was away. She escaped near Jukjeon station Saturday night. She is a very skittish rescue dog but she's very sweet. We've notified all the shelters, animal hospitals, and police stations in the area and put up posters, but there's been no news. Please keep an eye out for her and tell everyone you know.

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Best for Blitz: Vancouver, here I come!

That's right, Blitz has a foster home in Canada waiting for him... Now we just need to get him there!

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