Fish is lost in Seoul! :(

Poor Little Fish drew the short straw with his adoptive parents. ( They allowed him to escape from their yard un-neutered, with no collar, no name tag and no microchip. They did not alert his foster parents and did not ask anyone for help searching.

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I still want to help...

Through Animal Rescue Korea, I met and worked with many fellow animal lovers. One of my warmest memories are the 25 dogs who shared my home - some very briefly, and some who are now permanent family members. To all of you who helped me with my dogs, I will always be grateful.

Can I help you?

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Healthy heart for Bim

Let me tell you Bim's story, it is an amazing story of one very lucky homeless little dog in Korea.

On Friday, Feb, 15th, Natalya and her husband were driving home somewhere on a busy road near Suwon. Suddenly a tiny badly matted dog appeared on the side of the road and started crossing the road, not paying any attention to the cars around him.

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Easy Going Emery from Asan Shelter, 2010

I often wonder how some of the animals that I knew from the shelter that have been adopted are doing. I know several people knew Emery and how every one loved him because he was so sweet and shy. Well I'm here to tell you Emery is doing great. It has taken a lot of patience on my part to gain his trust.

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Final Update:

Lets welcome Murph, our newly named, newly adopted shih tzu!

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Help Foxy on her road to recovery!

18 April 2013

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The Dreaded Vet Visit

I gave Shanti a new name - Solène - as a way to mark her new start. I'm from Canada and French is our second language there (though I speak it poorly), so I gave her a French name that means "solemn".

Solène put up quite the fight when I came to pick her up after adopting her, so I knew I was going to have a challenge on my hands.

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My Hero, Mr. Park

Despite having a cat of my own back in Canada, I had always wanted to add to my family. After visiting Asan shelter and scoping out the ARK page, I fell in love with Shanti (now Solène) immediately.

It turned out, the feeling was not mutual. But more on that in a minute.

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Moving with a Cat in Korea

If anyone has experience with traveling with their pet in Korea I would love any information you have. Are cats allowed on the train or bus (in a carrier)? Also what is the police on the subway? If so do you need to do anything special? Do you get a lot of weird looks?


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Nabiya Cat Shelter Spring Fundraiser

NABIYA, cat shelter in Seoul S. Korea will be holding a fundraiser to help keep our shelter going. We are selling a variety of cat accessories. You'll not only be purchasing an awesome gift for your kitty, but you'll also be supporting the large number of rescued cats at our shelter.

Shipping within Korea is free.

We also ship internationally!

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