Wordsworth's Story of Distemper Survival

Update: Wordsworth is now doing better than anyone would believe. He is up to 5.15kgs he is taller than my dog Luna, he has boundless energy, he is picking up new training quickly and loves going out hiking. Now all we need is a forever home. Thanks for all your donations and best wishes for him, you helped save his life.

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How we adopted Kimchi from Karama

This is the story of Kimchi, a miniature pinscher adopted by me and my husband from the Karama shelter.

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Dunkan's Diagnostic Dilemma

Hey, all you animal lovers and Dunkan enthusiasts!

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Weeny: Broken, but still alive. Urgent plea for help.

Here's Weeny, 2 months old Mini Pin. So sweet and tiny. So broken and in danger.

At only two months old, Weeny has come face to face with death. She has already been in a car accident and put on death row. After she was rescued, she sat in a cage for two days with a few broken bones. She couldn't receive surgery to correct her broken bones due to the cost of the surgery.

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Warning to all multiple pet families!

Ok, I may be stating the obvious to most pet owners but it wasn't obvious to me so there must be others out there like me who are clueless. Scroll down to the bold if you aren't interested in details.

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Guideline for Fostering Asan Shelter Cats

Adapted from Allison's fantastic write up on fostering Asan Shelter Dogs, below is a guideline for fostering Asan Shelter Cats!


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Help Grey go home!

*Update: I am HW free, all i need now is a foster home so i can get everything dont to fly home. Please help me!!!


My name is Grey, i have been living at Boeun Animal Sanctuary for over a year now. I cant really remember where i came from but ill keep trying and as soon as i do ill let you know.

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Daejeon Paws Sponsorship Program

In recent months, there have been a few factors that have put a financial strain on the running of Daejeon Paws shelter. The recent roof repair appeal was very successful, and we were able to deal with that problem and cover several other necessary expenses which I detailed in another thread.

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Help Lou Become a Doggy Man!

Help Lou be the doggie man he wants to be!

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URGENT Foster Care needed by tomorrow (Sunday)

I'm writing this through Angela's account but I found two abandoned kittens that are approximately three weeks old outside my house. I leave for the U.S. on Monday. Please contact me, Annaleis Couch, if you can foster them. Thank you!

Contact information: [email protected]

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