Jag Jag the Beagle goes to school!

Jag Jag, the Beagle had been left behind by one family and taken in by another family who ended up dumping him because they no longer had time to care for him. The poor lil guy whose family admitted they didn't even have enough time to even buy him toys :(

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Whisky arrives in Canada!

After a year apart, Martin and I greeted Whisky the jindo from Daejeon City Animal Shelter at the Toronto Pearson Airport. We adopted Whisky two years ago, and had a big scare last autumn when she ran away just hours before she was supposed to fly to us in Canada.

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Vegan Bake Sale with Lucky and Lulu

In case anyone hasn't seen the announcement, tomorrow there's "a scrumptious vegan bake sale and raffle, with ALL proceeds going to help Korea's rescue animals." They'll have bread, fudge brownies, Mexican chocolate cupcakes and more.

Directions are on Facebook, but you should be able to see it even if you're not on Facebook:

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How Lucky (and Tokki) were Adopted from KARAMA

There has been a renewed interest on ARK about adopting from KARAMA, so hopefully this post will give people a better idea of what this entails and how to rescue a dog from there.

Lucky is not the first dog I have taken from KARAMA; there is also my dog Tokki. Tokki was rescued a year ago “a dog away from death.” She was scheduled to be put down the morning she was reserved.

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Why has Asan shelter disassociated itself from ARK?

I adopted my dog from Asan, going on 5 months ago. I will never forget the day, it was amazing to see how much love and dedication people put into the caring of the animals.

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Jaycee and Lucky are now on there way home to us.They fly out of Korea within a couple of days and are coming home to there family.We are very excited about all of this and can't wait.We would like to thank all of the help they have received.Especially from the the volunteers that helped with food,walking or just general concern about Jaycee and Lucky.

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Mr. Hobble, the three-legged Maltese pup from KAPS, needs your help!

May 4, 2012: Mr. Hobble's cast and stitches were removed yesterday! The cone can come off on Saturday. He can't WAIT!! :P 3-weeks of bed rest, and he'll be good to go!

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Canine Flu at KAPS

To give everyone a heads up -

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"Learn to Run" Beginner Clinic in Support of the KAPS Foster Fund!!

Hello ARK Community!!

Daegu Running Club has just launched! This is a social running group for ALL runners -- especially those who would like to become runners!

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Such generosity!

Animal Rescuing is so very difficult. Well it is when you do it alone.

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