A Petition to stop the construction of Jeju dog farm

While living on Jeju I was aware of the existence of dog farms and dog meat restaurants throughout the province, although I had never visited one personally one myself. The amount of development ongoing on Jeju is changing the face of this beautiful island and new 7th wonder of the world, not the least of which appears be another large scale dog farm.

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Skyhoundz World Championship Korea

Hi everyone!

I was a member a few years back but I've been popping in and out of the country so much these past two years I've had to reactivate my member account. :)

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Vet services in Korea

I really want to adopt a dog. The main reservation I have at the moment is that I'm nervous about the language barrier. I'm learning basic Korean, but nothing close to fluent, and I'm wondering what people's experience of Korean vets are. Did you find it easy or difficult to communicate with them, and also, what are the fees like relative to Western vets?

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Urgent help for bad dog needed!


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One more reason to love older dogs (and ALL animals)!

My mom sent me this information this morning. I don't know if anyone has heard about it but I thought I'd pass along the story. :) She doesn't know where she got it from but I googled the information and this seems to be the link it came from.

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For cat people stuck in finding a last minute catsitter or have trouble finding excellent, affordable, clean, cat friendly accommodation, check out Momo Cat Hotel!

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KAPS Forgotten Pups Need Your Help!

June 18th - UPDATE!!! The pups' skin has really improved over the last two months thanks to YOU guys!

We have raised a total of 1.7 MILLION WON for our Forgotten Pups!!!! I guess they aren't so forgettable after all!

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Just over 5 years....

I adopted Frasier just over 5 years ago here in Korea through this group. He continues to be one awesome dog. Thanks to all of you who give their time to help those animals that need it.

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Help Toto get well!

Toto, a shih tzu who was at Mrs. Jung's original shelter for 4 years, was returned to Daejeon Paws yesterday after being "fostered" since 2009. He has severe allergies, and it seems that his condition has not been managed properly.

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International Travel: Cat Health Check

Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a rush home and I'm trying to get all the paperwork ready so I can take my cat home with me! My vet doesn't have a lot of experience with what paperwork is needed. Will the health check take time? Or is it something that can be done in a day? Does anyone have the form? Or what it is called?

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