Help Summer the Dog Survive Her Injuries

On January 3 2014 Summer the Samoyed Jindo mix Dog from Asan shelter was found after being lost for 3 months. But she sustained horrible injuries surviving in Seoul, including a shattered pelvis and broken spine near her tail from a car collision. She also has heartworm.

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Helping Minnie~

We've created a new facebook profile for Minnie, to try and help get some funding help for her Vet bills. After recently vetting her kitten Mickey, we are a little low on money.

Any support will be so greatly appreciated! Or if you can Foster her, that would be even greater!

Thanks so much!

The LINK to her profile~

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What I've learned about fostering a dog.


“I mean, that’s like cruel. You’re not home for seven hours a day”

“You’ll get too attached and it will make you more sad than if you just never bothered.”

“I don’t know why you’d ever want to.”

“Dogs are dirty.”

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Please help Captain, Pilot and Snippy get healthy!

The three fighters, Captain, Pilot and Snippy, need your help!

We suspect that these babies lost their mama when they were just a few weeks old. They were left in an abandoned building

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Please help heartworm positive, paralysed Kili.

24 March 2014:
Thank you to all of Kili's supporters! She has finished her heartworm treatment and is in foster care with me and my two dogs. She is SO happy & I hope we can find the perfect forever home for her sooner rather than later. :) She loves going on walks and even runs around because she is a strong little girl who was given a CHANCE. Thank you everyone!

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Help Patches, Berry and Nori get healthy!

2012/12/3: Dear all,
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. We have reached our goal! Berry has been adopted by a very nice human, and is now Zazie. Nori and Patches are still waiting, but both are very healthy and with a lot of personality! Thank you again for helping to make this possible. We all appreciate it. :)

Humans + Berry (Zazie), Nori & Patches

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Animal rights vs. animal "welfare"

Recently I had a chance to watch some incredibly informative videos about animal rights philosophy and activism. I'm sharing them because I think they're a must for anyone who is serious about the issues. I hope everyone will take time to watch.

Tom Regan’s “Empty Cages” presentation:

Part 1:

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Help William and his heart

Dear friends,
we send out a plea to help raise money to support William The Great Maltese to fight worms in his heart and to start a new healthy life.

But first let me tell you William’s story. His story is amazing.

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Kitten Fostering for KAPS in Daegu!

Hello, everyone! Here at KAPS in Daegu we often have an influx of kittens at various times. We're proud to say that our cat shelter is a very pleasant place for cats, where they can roam around freely, nap in the fresh air on all kinds of shelves, trees, and boxes, and play with each other and our kind visitors. However, kittens need extra care and we're trying to find a way to help them out.

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Found: Driver for Fosterdog


Hello, all you wonderful animal lovers out there! I am posting this in hopes of being able to save a really sweet dog from being put down.

Before you read any further, look at the picture of the dog and tell me she is not totally worthy of being saved -- she's like the Bette Davis of dogs. Look at those eyes! ^^

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