Paws and Socks Need Some Shots!

6/11/2013: Paws and Socks were adopted, so their new human/s have the responsibility of getting them spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations. We did receive some donations, thank you to those who donated.

"Hi! I'm Paws."
" - And I'm Socks!"
" - And we need our shots!"
"Wait....we do? Are you sure, Paws?"
"Yes, we do."
"But....WHY?!? I'm purrfectly fine without them!"
"Hush, Socks. I'm talking to the humans."
"But I don't wanna get any shots! I've been watching TV. I see those big needles they use on Animal Planet for the lions and the tigers and the bears. They're bigger than I am! I don't wanna get any shots, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I DON'T WANNA! I'm fine how I am!"
"You won't be when you start frothing at the mouth."
"Wait - RABIES? We need our RABIES shots?"

"Please excuse my excitable sibling. Yes, we need our Rabies and our FVRCP, maybe de-worming, and we really should be tested for FeLV."
"Test? We have to take a test? But I didn't study!"
"Not that kind of test, you dope. It's a blood test."
"Oh. Well, humans, let me assure you that I have champion mouse-pouncer blood."
"ANYWAY. We really need this done before we go to a foster home or a forever home of our own. And because we're sisters and we're best friends, it's twice the cost, and twice the expense."

"Maybe that's why no one wants us...."

"......I don't know, Socks. But I'm sure it'll help. Maybe the right humans will see us now, and we'll have our own loving home."
"Yeah, maybe."

"Anyway, it IS expensive. The humans estimate it as such:

FeLV test - We already had this when we were little! So we don't need to worry about that now.
FeLV vaccine - ???????
FVRCP - 3 rounds @ 30,000w each, x2 kitties = 180,000w
Rabies - 20,000w each, x2 kitties = 40,000w (Probably!)
Spay - 250,000w each, x 2 kitties = 500,000w."

"Spay? What's that?"
"I'm not sure, but the humans think it's pretty important. So in summary, dear humans, the bill comes to about.....


"720,000w?! That's a lot!"
"Yes, but many pocketbooks make light bills. If not, we're going to have to get a job."
"Pssssst! I have a job. It's being cute."
"Nobody's buying it."
"YET. They will...."

Summary: Paws & Socks need to raise about 720,000w for their medical expenses. They have a foster lined up for March, but they can't go into foster care until they start their shots. As they're about 5 months old, there's a little bit of time to wait on the spaying, but not much.


Please send donations to:

Michelle van Minnen, nonghyup 315-02-323-405

Please leave a message with the date/amount so we can be sure we received it, and so we (Paws, Socks, humans) can thank you. :)

Update: P&S were already tested for FeLV when they were little, and they're sisters. The new cost of 720,000w is because of the new info. It's pretty cool, because that's already 200,000w less!

Link to P&S's profile:

3/7/2013: Great news! We're down to 695,000w!

3/11/2013: Paws crossed that we can hit our number. :)

5/2/2013: We're down to 670,000w! Even the smallest amount helps. :)

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How's the fundraising going for this sweet pair?

megs's picture

There've been some minor snags in the FB promotion, but we're hopeful that people will begin to donate soon. :)
Thank you for asking!

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We're down to 695,000w!

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How's the fundraising for these two cuties going?

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Hi Karen,
Thank you for asking. So far we've raised a little - but we definitely need more. We'll try and update it with pictures. I'm not sure how urgent the situation is now.

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I hope you've raised enough that they've been able to get some of their needles.

When you can, if you update the main post with how much is still needed, that will put the notice back into the sidebar so more people will see this thread.

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Paws and socks have had 2 donations. 25,000 from Megs and 20,000 form someone else. thanks guys! I have potentially found a home for them. Once i do ill move this to Thank-you!