Please help raise funds for Domino's medical expenses

3.23.13: Thank you to those who responded with concern about Domino and helped us to relieve the financial burden of his medical costs. We are happy to report that he was adopted today, and that his health has been steadily improving thanks to his medical treatment. We are so happy for him, and wish him all the best! Again, thank you to those who cared about him and contributed.

We took Domino ( into our home as a foster cat about a month ago, at a time when our vet was overwhelmed with stray cats that animal control had brought to his office. He is a sweet and loveable cat, and we became very attached to him, but we could only commit to fostering him for a short term. Unfortunately, we were not prepared to face the expenses of the medical issues that cropped up after a couple of weeks of him living in our apartment.

Domino developed FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), a potentially fatal disease that required emergency treatment with a minor surgical procedure. The vet also recommended that we have him neutered, in order to avoid further complications and decrease the chances of it recurring in the future. Domino is currently going through a 3 week long treatment of medication for it and is on a special diet of a pricier dry food to help manage the disease for the next two months. Thank goodness, he is doing much better now and is back to normal, acting like the sweet and loveable cat that we have grown to love, and we hope to see his health continue to improve.

We are glad that we were able to pay for Domino's treatments at the time that he needed them, but unfortunately they have put a strain on our finances, and on our ability to foster homeless cats again in the future. We are not finished paying for Domino's medication, or for the special food that he will require for the next couple of months, and we would appreciate any help that can be spared to help cover these unexpected expenses that we've incurred.

These are the treatments that Domino's been given and their associated costs that we have covered:

- Operation to remove urinary tract obstruction + neutering operation - 250,000 won

- 3 rounds of medication, at 40,000 each - 120,00 won

- Difference between regular dry food diet and special FLUTD dry food diet (2 bags) - 28,000 won

Total fundraising goal: 398,000 won

Any help your are willing to give us would be so much appreciated. 100% of donations will go towards the costs of his medical treatments.

Please send donations to:

Yevgeniya Zbrizher, KB Bank, 512002-04-152987

Thank you so much,

Jenny, Keith, and a healthier, happier Domino

[email protected]

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Hi, have you had any donations towards this fundraiser?

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A couple, yes, which we were very grateful for. Today I am glad to report that Domino was finally adopted by a local woman, and we are very happy for him. Thanks to those who responded with concern about him -- we are grateful to you and Domino appreciated your help very much!