Kami: from meat farm via shelter to Vancouver

Hello everyone!

I'm here to ask for your help. Another shelter dog needs our support. Her name is Kami.

Kami is a wonderful dog that lives in Yangju animal shelter, South Korea. 3 years ago Kami was rescued from a dog meat farm somewhere in Korea. Since then she lives in Yangju animal shelter.

Kami is a super lucky girl, and she knows it. Of course! She wasn't killed 3 years ago, she managed to stay healthy and positive during all of those years in the shelter, and just recently she found out that she has a loving place at a rescue in Canada. Isn't it amazing?

(Ula Yang's video)

Now it's our, Kami's friends, turn to help her a little more. Would you? Please do!

Our goals:
1) To find a courier for Kami, someone who will be flying from Seoul to Vancouver sometime in the end of February,

2) To raise 700,000 won to cover these costs:
- 100,000 won - to spay Kami (she has to be fixed before leaving Korea),
- 20,000 won - health certificate,
- 200,000 won - airline approved crate (L size),
- 270 CAD - AirCanada airfare,
- 100,000 - delivery fee from the shelter to Incheon airport.

Kami is UTD on her vaccines, she was tested for heart worms, and her blood testing is done – she was sponsored by animal lovers in Korea in November 2012. We would like to thank Y., Sarah, Dairin and Kieran and their friends again for sponsoring Kami's health check!

PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING KAMI. She needs our help to continue her journey.
If you would like to help Kami, please send your donations:
1) in Korea - to Woori bank, 1002-240-455293, Park Hyun Joo,
2) paypal account: [email protected].
If you donate, please update me here or at [email protected], otherwise I won't know about your donation. Thank you.

No help is too small. Thank you for your understanding with this matter.
Our partners in Vancouver are also fundraising, and we will be updating all amounts collected.

Kami’s adoption profile: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1376.

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Beautiful Kami ~

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55 CAD were collected in Vancouver!

+ $30 from Laura, Emma and Dantes + $30 from Jane + $50 from Buyun + $30 from Deborah!
Total raised: 195$
To go: 505$.


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+ $50 from Susan!

Raised: $245
To go: $455.

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+ 25.000 won from Ula! Thank you!
+ $100 from Amanda R.! Thank you!

Raised: $370.
Need to raise: $330.

We are looking for a courier for this sweet lady, Kami! She needs to get to Vancouver, Canada, and would like to hitch a ride with YOU or with your friend! All costs and arrangements will be taken care of, so please consider helping this girl get to a loving warm and safe place at a rescue in Canada. She is 100% ready to begin her new life! If you can help, please contact me at [email protected]! Thank you!

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+ $30 from Claire + 50,000 won from SEOUL VEGAN POTLUCK!

Total: $447.
To go: $253.


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Meghann F., thank you for your donation!!
+ 10.000 won!

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THANK YOU everyone who attended our event! We really appreciate your support!
During this event I was thinking about my ARK friends and other animal rescue supporters a lot. The only way to do things is to help each other. I really appreciate you help, animal lovers!
Laura Cave; Laura volunteered for Asan shelter, great foster mama, adopted 2 Spaniels from Asan shelter, Korea.
Jane Keeler; adopted Mochi The Dog and Charlie The Cat while in Korea, Jane and her mother are doing so much to help animals in need in GA! Please visit their website and help, if you can: http://www.brierpatchcats.org/.
Buyun Leah Jeong; Yangju shelter volunteer, the one who created an adoption profile for Kami.
Deborah Fallon; years of hard work for ARK, Asan shelter volunteer, "Daejeon Paws" shelter trip coordinator, adopted my foster dog Hugo!
Susan Patchen; long time ARK supporter, great foster mama, Susan's family adopted my foster dog Bianco!
Ula Yang; Yangju shelter volunteer and shelter trip coordinator.
Amanda Raulerson; adopted 2 Jindos from Asan shelter, Korea, great foster mama, volunteered for Asan shelter.
Claire O'Connell; ARK supporter, volunteered for Asan shelter, adopted my foster dog Bubba!
Claire Harrison; great ARK supporter, doing so much for animals in Korea!
Dan Berry; Asan shelter volunteer, a proud papa of 4, long time ARK supporter, our Uncle Berry!
Tiffany Wu and Whitney 회트니 로우 Law; adopted 3 dogs while in Korea, big animal lovers, supporting Korean animals in need from Canada.
Barbara Michalick; great ARK supporter, doing so much for Hounds in need worldwide.

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Kami got spayed on the 5th of February. SHe is doing good and should be ready to fly to Vancouver in a few weeks.
PLEASE help us to find a courier for her!
Now it's all about us helping her to get to Vancouver!


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+ 25$ from Dan and his kids, +40$ from Buyun Leah Jeong!
Total: 800$.

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+ 60.000 won from Shaun, his friends from Cheonan High School and their Community Service Club!

Total: 855$!

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Hi Sofia! Great to hear Kami's fundraiser has reached its goal!

Since the financial goal has been met, could you move this post to "Thank You" and post a new blog about needing a courier (if she's still looking for one, that is)? Thanks!

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Will do!

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Thank you!

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On March, 18th, Kami, former Yangju shelter dog, made it to Vancouver, Canada!
We made it!