A small rooftop apt in Seoul burned down. It was an art academy, apparently. Anyhow, they kept a stray cat, which would sleep inside at night. The place is a complete ruin now. The cat was left on the street. He was roaming around in the rubble. :( Nobody from the academy has been to the building.

One nice person saw the cat there. The first day she tried to get on the roof from the adjacent building ...but it didn't work out... Poor kitty. It was so sad to see him wondering around all alone in this cold.

What to do? The makeshift shelter was built out of a box stuffed with newspapers and a blanket, a plate of canned tuna and water were left next to it.
The next day she went back with a carrier and tried to get the cat again. No luck. The cat came close enough but wouldn't go into the carrier far enough and would run out from the slightest movement. He ate an entire can of tuna as well as some dry food.

"I will go back to feed it tomorrow and try again." - she said. She did and succeed!

We called him Fire. Fire was placed at the vet for 1 week - another gift from his guardian angel.

Fire is doing good at the vet, being a nice kitty. He is young, less than 1 year old. This week Fire will be fixed and will receive his vaccines.

We need help. We are missing:
1)125.000 won that need to be paid for the 2nd week of boarding.
2) 100.000 won that need to be paid for vaccination.
And we need to find a FOSTER or FOREVER home for Fire ASAP. Have only 1 week to help him.

If you would like to help Fire: Woori bank, 1002-240-455293, Park Hyun Joo.

Please consider helping this pretty Fire! No donation is too small.

Thank you!

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Total received: 145,000 w
Needed: 80,000 w

If anyone is interested in giving a sweet street kitty a new chance at life, please let us know. The vet says that she's very well behaved and eating like a champ! *fingers crossed*


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facebook isn't working for me so...SENT! :)

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Hello kittycat203,
thank you for your help! We really appreciate it!
Could you please update me at [email protected] what name it from and an amount? Thanks a lot!

Thank you again!

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From Fire's new foster mom:

"Fire just arrived home. Nekko was checking her out a bit... Now begins the adjustment period! :)"

Let's pray it works out for Fire!

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Thank you everyone! We raised enough funds to pay Fire's vet bills!

You are the best!

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Meghann F., thank you for your donation!!!

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Hello from Fire!