Surprise, I'm bleeding!

Gangja's (aprox) first 5 years of life have been rough. She was a breeder dog and her previous owners bred her as much as they could. Could you imagine giving birth to litter after litter only to have them taken from you and used for God only knows what!?!

I know of two of her puppies who have been a part of the ARK community, Haroo and Mung-gu. Ms. Kang discovered them in a half pipe and convinced the owners to stop breeding her and to give them all up. Ms. Kang sponsored Gangja and still sponsors Haroo, along with approximately 30 other dogs in her neighborhood.

Gangja came to my home to escape her chained up life, this harsh winter and to discover what daily love from a human is. She arrived on Christmas Eve~ and she has brought so much joy to my life. Before I even met Gangja, her profile said she was spayed and utd on all shots. BOTH were incorrect. Her testing showed that she had NO vaccines and ~surprise~ she went in heat this week.

I am able to financially deal with the shots but I am not able to (financially cover the costs to) spay her. However, getting her spayed is 100% necessary as she HAS BEEN BRED TOO MANY TIMES, and I am simply not home enough to attend to her period properly (changing her diapers and keeping everything in a clean/healthy order). Furthermore, there are two male dogs in our neighborhood that Gangja regularly plays with and her being in heat makes her life much more difficult.

I contacted my vet and because Gangja weighs 32kg, (although he's giving me the 30kg prices to help) the total cost of her operation is: 610,500 won.

**UPDATE: ALL FUNDS RECEIVED (as of 4/9/2013)** Her adoption fees/parents covered the balance of her medical expenses!! THANKS TO EVERY WHO GAVE, SHARED and PRAYED for Gangja!

Hospitalization/dressings 60,000 w
Fluid (IV) 15,000 w (covered)
Blood exam-CBC 20,000 w (covered)
Blood exam-Biochemistry 40,000 w
Anethesia (20-30kg) 50,000 w
OP- OHE (20-30kg) 350,000 w (325,000 covered)
Post-op Medicine 20,000 w (covered)
TAX 55,500 w (covered)
Vet info: In Garden 5 (EMart) at Jangji Station-- Tools building. Seoul City, Songpa-gu Munjung dong 292 beonji Garden 5 Tools building Emart B1 서울시 송파구 문정동 292번지 가든파이브 Tool관 이마트 가든파이브점 B1층 Dr. Ma

I spoke to Gangja's previous sponsor, whom I believe to be a very honest and compassionate woman. The conclusion was that she thinks she confused information about Gangja with one of the other 30+ dogs. She is willing to donate 100,000 won to help cover some of the costs. PLEASE HELP GANGJA avoid being a puppy mill. Please donate if you can. Every little bit helps and we would both be most grateful for your assistance.

If you are able to help, my account information is KB: 606602-04-033851 or Paypal -email address [email protected] Please send me a message to let me know which part you'd like to contribute to.
Read more about Gangja and her progress at my home so far:

May you reap a two-fold harvest for the seeds that you sow. Blessings to you! ~Kasham & Gangja

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Poor girl! Going to send you an email shortly. :)

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Thanks, Megs! We appreciate your sacrifices and want to wish you a Happy (Lunar) New Year! <3 Kasham & Gangja

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Congrats on Gangja's adoption and your fundraising success!

If you're not collecting any more funds, you can move this donation request to the "Thank You" page by changing the category :) Thanks!