Charlie's Chance at Life

22 Feb 2013: Our goal is to get Charlie a stable foster or forever home by MARCH 1st! Please spread the word!! Thank you to all that helped us achieve our monetary goal. I will purchase the medicine and post the receipt here. THANK YOU!!

Hello everyone,
Charlie needs your help! After continuously drawing the short straw in life, he has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and needs medication twice a day for the rest of his life. We are asking for help in raising enough money to cover 7 WEEKS of medication for Charlie. Read about Charlie in depth here:

We took Charlie in after seeing his URGENT post on the ARK website and facebook page. We were never in a position to vet another animal more than your average monthly heartgaurd, frontline, etc and this among other things was discussed. Unfortunately, the expenses due to medical issues that cropped up after a day of him living in our apartment have left us with no choice but to ask for your help.

Here is a summary of Charlie’s medical history and current needs:
1. Tested positive for heartworms and was treated while in the care of his previous foster.
2. It turns out that his adopter didn’t take him to the vet and a “healthy dog” came to us with horrible bacterial and fungal infections in his poor bleeding ears. His previous adoptive mom agreed to pay for this treatment.
3. He was then diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension caused by the heartworms he had previously. There is no choice but to treat his condition with medication twice a day for the rest of his life. Not only is this a financial strain, but also a huge deterrent for a more permanent home for Charlie.

- A stable foster or ideally an adoptive home (by March 1st).
- We would like to raise money cover 2 weeks of the medication that we have already given him + 5 more weeks to be given to whoever can provide him with a more stable foster or adoptive home. Grand total of 258,720W.
o 1 day of medication is 6,600W. My vet generously gives us a discount because Charlie is a rescue.

Charlie has been doing much better now that he is healthy and used to taking his medicine. He has a lot more energy and is in the process of learning many fun doggie activities. However, it is crucial that he has this medicine!

No amount is too small - just 6,600 W will cover one whole day! Please help increase the odds of Charlie finding his perfect forever home.

If you would like to donate, please see below for details:

In Korea:
Denise Potz
NH Bank
Account #: 302-0497-8090-81

[email protected]

** Please be sure to send me an email at [email protected] or a facebook message so I can keep track of the money and of course, so I can thank you.

GOAL: 258,720 W + stable home
RECEIVED: 275,600
TO GO: A foster or forever home

Here's an interactive calendar for Charlie. So, if you can, please give him just 1 day of medication. All you have to do is click on the day, add your name (I can also do this for you), and we'll all know that Charlie is covered for that day!

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Thank you to Clare Mills for donating 50,000 W from her "Christmas Yard Sale"!

208,720 W to go!

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Thank you Nani Kehu for setting up the calender and covering Charlie for a day of medication! It is truly appreciated.

We have also received an "anonymous" donation of 85,000 W! Thank you for your generosity!!

We need a home for Charlie and 117,120 W to reach our goal! If 18 different people sponsor just ONE DAY we can do it!

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Shelley Price-Jones, thank you for your donation! It truly helps Charlie :)

Thanks for the Pay Pal transfer Dan Berry! Charlie is literally jumping for joy as I type this!

64,120 W more and 7 weeks of Charlie's medicine will be paid for!

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Thank you Alicia, Andrew Van Wey and Ddoksoonie the Sheepdog for helping us exceed our monetary goal!

I will update the event in a minute, but please spread the word about Charlie. To completely reach our goal he needs to find a home by Friday March 1st!

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Hi dee! Congrats on reaching your fundraising goal for Charlie!

Could you move this donation request to the Thank You section (just edit the category), and then post a new blog about Charlie's need for a home by March first? I'd just like to free up the "Donation Request" space for the animals who are still in need of funds :) Many thanks!

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Thanks Rob Smith for your kind donation and putting us at a total of 325,600 W - well past our goal! All of the donations will be used for Charlie's heart medicine and I will post a receipt as soon as I get one. From the bottom of my heart and Charlie's, thank you all for your donations :)