Daejeon Paws August sponsorship

Daejeon Paws shelter is a privately run no-kill shelter for dogs and cats (currently, about 50 dogs and 8 cats). The shelter recently lost a source of income and is now entirely supported by donations. If you would like to help keep this wonderful little shelter going, here's what is needed and what you can do:


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Help Lena battle the parasites that live in her heart!

For pet owners, detecting heartworm in their pets is a challenge because the disease is progressive, and treatment is expensive. For pet foster parents, detecting heartworm in their foster pets is even a bigger challenge.

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Need help....again.

After the passing of Dilios (the bad eye infection case) the new rabbits (a male and female) have taken over the house. Since the passing of the original rabbit(s), they have had 8 babies. The first batch were just 2 bunnies (about 7 weeks old I think). They are now pretty big. The second litter were 6 bunnies.

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Please adopt these long termers!!! :)

I made a video highlighting 4 long term shelter residents, Needles and Bear, Wally and Nari. Please share it so we can get these BAPS originals out of there!!! :)

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Help PEPPER the dog Rescued from Dragging!

Pepper will be flying to California where a very dog-friendly and loving family has adopted her. Yay for Pepper! And thank you to all the kind donors who made her recovery possible in every way. <3

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CATS, a new shelter project for cats in Seoul

I hope you all are doing fine in this muggy hot summer in Korea and if not in Korea hope you are well wherever you are. Today I am writing you to present a brandnew shelter plan with more aggresive homing plan for cats in need of help.

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Saved from being Beaten

AJ has been adopted by a lovely family with 3 kids. He is being spoiled rotten. He is going to have a very happy life. See pics attached. Thanks again everyone!

Thank you to everyone who donated. Aj is now up for adoption :-)

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Help us stay healthy

Yay! These bundles of joy are all up for adoption. Thank s to everyone who has helped get them here,especially their foster parents!

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RIP Dilios (neglected bunny)

Update: A few days after I posted this request, this poor bunny got sick and didn't make it. Donations are being returned because he never had the surgery he would have needed. Thank you to Joseph, to the vets at Acris, and to everyone else who did what they could to help Dilios.

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HELP! Rabbit needs URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION but no car!

My school has a rabbit who is currently suffering from a bad eye infection (or something worse). I've been giving him meds for 12-13 days now but no improvement only getting worse.

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