Fish is lost in Seoul! :(

Poor Little Fish drew the short straw with his adoptive parents. ( They allowed him to escape from their yard un-neutered, with no collar, no name tag and no microchip. They did not alert his foster parents and did not ask anyone for help searching. They looked for a little while and then they gave up. This was in January.

Well, some of us actually DO care about his well-being, so we are still trying to locate him. We have offered a reward of 500,000 won for his safe return. We hope like mad that he is somewhere in Seoul and has not been sent to a kill-shelter or a dog meat farm.

We have only one recent photo of him, which is the profile picture on this post. Apparently he has one ear up and one ear down. He has white toes on both hind feet. He doesn't have a white chest (it just looks lighter in the photo).

We have also created a Facebook event to try and spread the word:

I will attach the poster for him in the comments section below.

He went missing near Exit 3 of Dolgogi Station some time in January 2013.

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The poster - please download it, share it, post it, stick it up, no matter where you are! Please help us find Fish!

Poster for Fish.
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Poor little guy! I wonder why the adoptive parents didn't report this asap?

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I wonder the same thing EVERY day :'(

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Oh no! Poor Fish! Miracles can happen buddy! I hope you are still out there! :) If he is found, he's not gong back to the adoptive parents, is he?!!

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Pfft, absolutely NOT!! >.<

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Any leads at all on this little one?

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Sadly no :( No news.

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:( Poor little guy. I'm trying to think positive for him.