Final Update:

Lets welcome Murph, our newly named, newly adopted shih tzu!

His foster mom decided to adopt him :)
She has been super throughout the fostering process, helping me with his rabies vaccination, taking him on daily walks and just loving him to bits :) Although I was very scared of him ending up in a shelter or worse, I am glad to report that things worked out well in the end. Yay!

You can see a picture of him after we shaved his hair in the comment section below. He looks so tiny now! He aced his physical exam and he will be neutered this weekend. He is a very adorable little baby. Now that he has enough to eat and drink, he is a bundle of energy, always ready to go out on walks. He is friendly with everyone at the vet clinic, including the resident cat. The initial foster fell through, so he is still staying at the clinic. I was supposed to take him to the shelter because of the clinic's ten day rule. However, they are now allowing me to keep the dog at the clinic for nine more days.

I found a two year old Shih Tzu walking by itself near Hankuk University Station tonight. It was quite dirty and seemed to be walking nowhere in particular. I asked around and no one seemed to know where he came from. I have taken it to a vet clinic near Hongdae subway station because it was the only one that I knew was open late at night. Unfortunately, he has no ID chip. He was quite hungry but very calm and quiet. As soon as we fed him, he seemed very happy and relaxed. There was a lot of matting so he will be getting a haircut tomorrow morning. The vet clinic can only keep him for ten days so I would really appreciate it if people can share his picture or would like to volunteer to foster him. He is only 4 kilos and seems to have a really sweet disposition. In the taxi, he curled up against me and quietly slept the whole time. I will see him again tomorrow and post a before and after picture here.

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The vet clinic said that it will upload his information on Korean rescue websites. I will check with them tomorrow to get the links to those pages. I will also post this on facebook.

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Wow! Thanks for picking him up! I will share. Please don't let them send him to the shelter!!

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He got a haircut today :)

After his haircut...he is so tiny!
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How is this little guy doing? He is so lucky that you picked him up.

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Thank you for helping the little guy!
Please make sure you come back for him in 10 days, because of if you don't, they will send him to a city pound where he will be put down in 10 days.
I would stop at the vet tomorrow or so just to let them know that I'm interested, because it happens often that vets send dogs/ cats to city pounds not earlier (not waiting for 10 days to end).
Again thank you for saving him from the street. Let's now make sure he is safe and has a bright future.

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I visited the vet yesterday and took him for a nice, long, walk. He seemed really excited to be outside and was super energetic the whole time. Yet he never pulled the leash once! When I brought him to the vet, I had told him that I will find him a foster and will be visiting him regularly to make sure that he is okay. I will visit again today and tomorrow. However, I am running out of options...I would really appreciate it if someone could help out by fostering him for a week or two. I am in the middle of moving apartments so I can't foster him yet :(

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Maybe you could board him at the vet for a couple of weeks?
Or board him at the boarding facility?
Or bring him to a no-kill shelter for a couple of weeks and then foster him?
He is lucky to have you.

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How far are you from Daegu? I'd take him for a week. My belle would love the company.

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Thank you for your support, Sofia and Amybeth!! A friend just offered to foster him for a week or two. Because this guy lives 5 minutes from the vet clinic, I would prefer to give the shih tzu to him for the time being. However, he wants to make sure that his health is okay. I talked to the vet and we will be doing a health check up. If everything goes well, he should be in foster care this week. Fingers crossed :)

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I am going to work hard for this story to have a happy ending!!

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No problem Shubha! I'm glad you found a solution! :)

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Nice! Please keep us posted.

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You are so kind ...

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He aced his physical exam :D !