Easy Going Emery from Asan Shelter, 2010

I often wonder how some of the animals that I knew from the shelter that have been adopted are doing. I know several people knew Emery and how every one loved him because he was so sweet and shy. Well I'm here to tell you Emery is doing great. It has taken a lot of patience on my part to gain his trust. While living in Utah in a pet friendly complex and taking him to the dog park and lots of hikes, he learned that it was ok to play, that not all dogs are going to hurt him or be dominate. He also found he can bark and will protect his property and us by barking, but not aggressively. He loves to run and chase the squirrels. I even had him riding with me on my kayak last summer. He LOVES going for rides in the truck, he gets really excited when we ask if he wants to go for a ride, and yet he sits like a perfect gentlemen in the seat. Every Vet that he has been too have said what good shape he is in and how well behaved he is and many people think he is a puppy. Thanks to all of you that volunteer at the shelters, and thanks to those that brought us together, and my daughter Kate. BTW, I had no problems bring him to the states.
Sincerely, Stacey

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Thanks so much for the update, Stacey!! I never knew Emery but I sure do enjoy a happy update!! I wish more people would do the same!! Thanks so much!! :)