Help Foxy on her road to recovery!

18 April 2013
Thank you everyone! We still have 141,000 won to raise and Foxy's foster mom is going to start a bake sale in order to try and raise this amount. Please watch this space and Foxy's ARK profile. For now, I am going to close this fundraiser. If you'd still like to help Foxy, please contact her foster mom via the contact details on Foxy's profile:

4 April 2013
Thank you Mark Johnson! Once again you are a knight in shining armour. We have just W141,000 to go.

28 March 2013
We'd love to achieve our goal, only 185,000 won still to go. If you can help, every little bit adds up!
Poor Foxy was abandoned by her owners and was found roaming the streets. A kind person took her to the nearest vet, who would have had to hand her over to the pound after ten days if she wasn't claimed. This meant that after a further 10 days in the city pound she would be euthanised.

Luckily for Foxy, Megan was in the vet one day and saw Foxy and another dog (Buddy: in the same situation and offered immediately to find them homes via ARK. She saved their lives! Buddy was subsequently adopted by friends of one of the vet nurses. Foxy went into foster care with Megan.

However, Megan, who is allergic to cats, started to develop allergies to Foxy too. That, compounded with family and personal issues, meant that she had to find another foster parent for Foxy as soon as possible. Again, thanks to networking on and Facebook, a great foster has stepped up for Foxy. Things are looking good!

But, then came a spanner in the works: Luxating patella in both hind legs!! :(

From Megan:

"Foxy was chasing her ball then all of a sudden she yelped and came limping over to me. I scooped her up and checked to make sure that she had not cut herself or anything. She hadn't. Her back leg was tight so I thought it was a cramp and rubbed her muscle until it was relaxed. She was a little scared but quickly began playing again. About 5 mins later the same thing happened. I took her into the vet yesterday and I found out that she has Luxating Patella in BOTH hind legs! It means that her kneecaps pop out of place and it's very painful. It is very common in small dogs. The doctor said that she will not get better over time without surgery. He gave me some pain meds for her and I gave them to her yesterday and today and they have seemed to have helped with her pain."

Megan contacted me for assistance, as my foster dog also has the dreaded patella luxation. (See: I was away but I told Megan to take Foxy in to our vet because he is AMAZING, kind, compassionate and I knew he would give us a rescue discount.

- Foxy had the surgery on her RIGHT hind leg, which was a Grade 3, on Tuesday the 26th of Feb 2013. She is recovering nicely!
- Foxy is staying in hospital for one week, and will then move to her new foster home where she will need to recover for a period of approximately 2 months. Here she will receive lots of TLC from her great new foster mom!
- She also has a luxating patella in her LEFT hind leg, which is a Grade 2 (grade 4 is the worst). This will probably need to be operated on in the future.

- We need to pay the bill! Luckily, the vet both Megan and I use is totally awesome and understanding so he did the surgery in good faith that we would pay him as soon as we could.
- The total for Foxy's surgery, from start to finish, including blood tests, x-rays, anesthetic, surgery, medicine and a week in hospital is W513,000 - this is with a very hefty rescue discount.

Please help us to settle this bill so that Foxy can move on towards a better life! Please donate whatever you can spare.

In Korea:
Clare Mills
Account # 620-203339-430

In South Africa:
C. Mills
Standard Bank
Account: 25-164-593-2
Branch: Kloof

PayPal: [email protected]

You can read more about Foxy's journey via her ARK profile:

*** Please be sure to send me an e-mail at [email protected] once you have made a donation so I can keep track of the money and of course, so we can thank you. ***

GOAL: 513,000 won
RAISED: 372,000 won
STILL TO GO: 141,000 won

Thank you SO much to the following people for your donations:
- Megan Jarrell
- Martha LaFlame
- Anne Marie Walters
- Sarah Ali
- Jesy Silva
- Rachel Allen
- Nicci Maxwell
- Winter Warmer Yard Sale
- Megan Jarrell :)
- Richard Bretnall
- Cody Yoshizawa
- Aalia Jamie
- Shelley Price-Jones
- Dan Berry
- Katie Mills
- Megan Jarrell
- Aalia Jamie
- Mark Johnson

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Here are some pics of Foxy after her surgery.

Foxy post-surgeryFoxy post-surgery
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Thank you for all your help Clare!! I hope we can raise so much help for her!!! She deserves the best home :)

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Foxy is doing great and is out of the hospital for the time being. She went home with her new foster Momma tonight!!! Her next surgery will be in about 2 months

she hated the cone!! She wasn't sure what to make of itHer leg is un wrapped and she will be getting a nice shower today :)
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Foxy is doing great! She is with her new mom

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And got her stitches out by our awesome vet!

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We have only 195,000 won left to raise! Please consider helping us with a donation - no amount is too small! We have PayPal too, so you can donate from anywhere in the world! :)

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A late donation came in from Rebecca Sunderlin via PayPal. Thank you Rebecca!! :)

That makes the outstanding amount for Foxy's foster mom to raise W116,000. Yay!

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I think this is the Foxy on our spreadsheet. We need a different name for the fox-like mama with the 2 new pups. What was it you suggested?