Moving with a Cat in Korea

If anyone has experience with traveling with their pet in Korea I would love any information you have. Are cats allowed on the train or bus (in a carrier)? Also what is the police on the subway? If so do you need to do anything special? Do you get a lot of weird looks?


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I'm moving with my cat and I'm just not sure how to go about doing it. Thanks!

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I have seen various animals on the bus, train, and subway. And I have traveled on the subway with my golden retriever in a dog stroller, on the train with a puppy in my arms (and across from us was a ferret in a crate ^^), and again on the train with a guinea pig in a carrier. I have seen (and took a picture for my blog! of) a woman on the subway with her kitten in her arms, too.

If your cat is quiet, you'll have no issues. If he's noisy, you *might* get a complaint. I'd say it would easier (and safer) to crate your kitty for trips. Sometimes people do get upset about animals in their presence - for whatever reason. There are some very nice, easy-to-carry travel crates available from your home country, and in Korea! If you need help with this, many ARKers can give you great suggestions and recommendations from their own experience.

I never had issues transporting animals. If you are sensitive to people, ensure your pet's comfort and safety, and you should be fine. If anyone gives you trouble, be polite, but unapologetic, and put your pet and your safety first by leaving the train/subway car and standing between for awhile/changing cars, or leaving the bus and catch the next one. The only time I had complaints was when transporting my golden in taxis ; ) and even then I was polite but insistent and was never refused a ride! (She won 'em over every time :-D )

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That's great advice. :) I've never had a problem transporting my kitty, and she's mostly quiet. It draws some attention, but not as much as might be scary.

When I was transporting my hedgehog, he got a lot of [good] attention, and one old lady even told me to put my hedgehog cage on the seats reserved for old people.

I had some trouble getting picked up in a taxi once with a yeowling cat (not mine), but I did get a taxi, and the taxi was VERY kind and VERY understanding (he just made clucking noises....I tipped him, if for no other reason than being patient and kind-hearted.)

People have been both fascinated and terrified of my rats, so there have been different reactions, but I've never had a service problem because of it. On the train to Seoul, a train conductor asked what they were, and I told him "special hamsters." No problems, really. :)

Those are my experiences. :)