Nabiya Cat Shelter Spring Fundraiser

NABIYA, cat shelter in Seoul S. Korea will be holding a fundraiser to help keep our shelter going. We are selling a variety of cat accessories. You'll not only be purchasing an awesome gift for your kitty, but you'll also be supporting the large number of rescued cats at our shelter.

Shipping within Korea is free.

We also ship internationally!

Here's a list of the items for sale.

Sales items:
1. Scratch Circle & Pelt bag bed(pink/brown) – 40,000won
2. Red & Brown cat scratcher & Pelt bag bed(pink/brown) – 40,000won
3. Big foot bed(beige/pink) -90,000won
4. Scratch Circle only – 25,000won
5. Red & Brown cat scratcher only –20,000won
6. Pelt bag bed(pink/brown) -25,000won

(You may view pictures at the comment section below.)
If you're interested in purchasing one of these items, click the link below and fill out the order form.

Also for more information, please visit our event on facebook

Thank you ^^

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Rocko321's picture

Big Foot Bed - 90,000 won

Rocko321's picture

Red and Brown cat scratcher 20,000 won

Rocko321's picture

Circle Scratch Box - 25,000 won

Rocko321's picture

Pelt Bag Bed - 25,000 won

Karen's picture

Is the Nabiya spring fundraiser still ongoing? I hope you've been successful so far!

Rocko321's picture

Hello Karen.

Yes the fundraiser is still on going and has been doing good. :)

megs's picture

My cat LOVES the scratch posts and the felt bag. When I save up a bit more, I'm going to get a second felt bag. ^^