Help PEPPER the dog Rescued from Dragging!

Pepper will be flying to California where a very dog-friendly and loving family has adopted her. Yay for Pepper! And thank you to all the kind donors who made her recovery possible in every way. <3

Current Location:
2013.08.13-2013.08.31 Hansol Maeul Jeongja Bundang Seongnam Gyeonggi
Please see the facebook events page which will be also full of updates about this beautiful dog's situation, and check out her ARK profile page if you are interested in adopting.

Fundraising Coordination and Emergency Fosterer:
Karin McDonald

Latest Info:
Wednesday September 10 8:00am
Updated to remove donations request.

Friday August 23 12:00pm
Foster home in California found! New name! PEPPER New fundraising goal to get her healed and to sunny California on October 2: 600,000won. Please see the Facebook page for details.

Wednesday August 21 11:15pm
Updated with new location, foster situation and recovery information. New estimates for medical support and post-recovery vaccinations and plans for getting her adopted.

Friday August 2 9:50pm
Updated with foster situation and new fundraising targets. Vet estimate is 3 months recovery period. Blackie will move from the Daegu area to Bundang on August 13.

Sunday July 28 2:40pm
Updated with urgent foster request. Recovery is going smoothly. Vet says she has the best disposition of any dog he's seen.

Tuesday July 23 11:00pm
Update fb event page with fundraising information. New pictures of blackie from today's vet visit.
Added ARK profile page with urgent foster needed information.

Saturday July 20 15:00pm
Updated fb event and ARK page with revised fundraising goal and information regarding her wounds - NO broken bones, but major skin loss, damage and soft tissue injuries. Skin surgery and 10-day emergency overnights stay in vet required to repair/oversee healing, then 2 months home medical fostering. This is GOOD NEWS! Yay!

Saturday July 20 12:57am
Set up unique Korean paypal account for the fundraiser. Coordinated dog appointment at Hyundai animal medical hospital tomorrow.

Friday July 19 16:15
Set up a unique Korean bank account to manage donations. Update on the fundraising goal due tomorrow!

Friday July 19 12:00pm
This post deleted as the original Yangnam Myeon vet's diagnosis was faulty.

Friday July 19 10:00am
Today she will be returned to the Yangnam Myeon vet by Janet the original volunteer in order to be re-assessed with an XRay and lab tests to determine the extent of her injuries. The updated plan is that tomorrow, she will be taken to a new vet in Daegu by a volunteer, Katherina.

Wednesday July 17
She was spotted at a veterinary hospital (Yangnam Myeon clinic) and saved from being destroyed by Janet, a volunteer. The volunteer took her home in hopes of fostering in a makeshift shelter.

How you can help:
1) Support Blackie's Fosters! Blackie's recovery foster mama in Bundang will need dog sitting help, and possibly veterinary courier assistance. If you live in the Bundang area and can help out, please PM Karin McDonaldvia the facebook events page!

If you can offer assistance, such as dog sitting help, veterinary courier support or transportation assistance, you can also post a comment here!

1) Please visit the facebook event page for updates on all the financials for this fundraiser. If you would like a copy of the most recent fundraising accounts, please email [email protected]

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I just want to hug everyone involved in helping this dog! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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dedicated bank account now set up to help this girl!

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[email protected] Korean paypal account now set up to help this girl!

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fundraising for Pepper has closed as we have plenty of money to get her safely to California! Thank you everyone!!!

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That's wonderful news about Pepper! Thanks for sharing!

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