Need help....again.

After the passing of Dilios (the bad eye infection case) the new rabbits (a male and female) have taken over the house. Since the passing of the original rabbit(s), they have had 8 babies. The first batch were just 2 bunnies (about 7 weeks old I think). They are now pretty big. The second litter were 6 bunnies. They are now just in their 3rd week of life and have been running around now.

The problem is since nobody at the school really takes good care of them, the place is messier a lot faster now as there are more rabbits (so more poop, more urine = more mess). Also, food runs out fast and I've found them sitting in empty food bowls scrounging around for crumbs. Sometimes on Mondays, I see that there was no food in the bowls and they may have gone a day or so without food. Water is often dirty. I do what I can, still recovering from the loss of the original rabbits that I tried so hard to help. But these days, I spend less time and attention to the new rabbits as I'm emotionally drained and cannot go through another ordeal like that. I do visit them once a day (only) to either change the water or restock the food bowls, and I'll try to refill the bowls extra on Friday afternoons to prepare for the weekend where they have nobody to care for them.

This morning, I found one of the bunnies dead. It was one of the bunnies from the 2nd litter (the group of 6). Not sure the cause of death, but it didn't look abnormally smallish compared to the others so I don't know if it was starvation or disease (due to poor living conditions). But at this point, I want to see if I can arranged to have these rabbits "given away" by our school. The school knows how much effort I've put into their rabbits and are aware that they don't get good care so I don't think they would be against giving them away. On top of that, I want to tell the school to stop owning rabbits if nobody is going to care for them. Again, they already pondered that last time (when Dilios died and his son and his mate). I think I can convince them to just give these rabbits away and not have anymore after this. The school groundskeeper (new guy this semester) honestly does a bad job. He doesn't clean their house and often will only do it 2 or 3 times a week total. The ground is completely littered with poop and wet turns into mush and brown mounds of god knows what. The humid weather and rain isn't helping either as everything is just wet and mushy in there and of course the tons of fruit flies that fester around.

They only have about 1-2 days worth of food stock left and it doesn't look like anybody knows this is and going to restock and order food until days after they are starving or unless I notify them. So this posting is meant to send out any people interested in possibly picking up some free bunnies/rabbits.

I can't guarantee at this point that the school will be willing to just give them away for free. I don't think they'd be so stingy and request a fee for them. My school is really nice and the workers are all amazing, but they just don't have knowledge or care for outdoor animals. I think it's primarily a Korean cultural thing where animals here are still generally treated as such, unlike in western culture, we tend to see them and treat them more like human beings.

So if you or anyone you know who might be interested in taking some or all of these rabbits and bunnies from my school, please feel free to contact me. I'll speak to my school about this idea and see if we can release them to you for free. That way, these rabbits can have a chance at living a decent life, and the school / groundskeeper guy will have less work to worry about which I'm sure he'd be glad about.

Here are some pics I took over the past couple weeks or so from when they were in the litter huddled together and when they started running around. I'm really not sure how long they have to live, but with these conditions, and constant lack of food, I believe they'll all get sick and die if nothing is done to save them.

This whole storyline is quite ironic now because of how these 2 new male and female rabbits that got put into the rabbit house with Dilly (who was all by himself now that his son died), are the ones who bit him and caused the eye infection and his eventual death. Now they are the ones that need rescuing. I don't blame them for Dilly's death. The mother rabbit is actually incredibly gentle and intelligent. She's such a good care giver. I watched her raise and protect the litter (twice now) and how she prepares the box, guards over it, checks it constantly to see they are ok.

When I found the dead bunny this morning (just laying on its side motionless), I left it there so the school caretaker could clean it up. But after school, when I went to check the house, the mother rabbit had apparently taken the dead body of it's baby and put it back in the litter box and started covering it up like it was a newborn baby again. I think she knew that something was wrong with it and thought by keeping it warm and safe in the place where she gave birth, would somehow make it better.

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these 2 are from the first i think 7 weeks old? But getting bigger.

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one from the 2nd litter...drinking water...barely able to reach in lol.

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2nd litter

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Aww, really quite adorable! :) Goodness, I hope you can get them out of there. That's a terribly unhealthy environment and no more rabbits should have to suffer any more. This absolutely can't continue! Perhaps you could take the mother to the vet to ensure she can't have any more babies?

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Also, if you are looking for homes for them, you might want to post this in the "adoptable others" category rather than in the blogs.

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Hi cornflakes,
Thanks for trying to help more of your school's rabbits!

I understand that you just want to get them out of a bad situation, but you can't use ARK to give them away for free. Here's why "free pet" ads aren't allowed on ARK.

What I suggest is that, if you find someone who wants to adopt, ask them to pay a small fee and use that money to buy some food, bedding, or a vet check up for one or more of the other rabbits.

If you are looking for adoptive homes right now, you need to create adoption listings for them. Check the "Needs Foster Home" box to put the listing on the "Animals for Foster" list and add "URGENT" to the title.

I understand if you want to wait until you can confirm with your school first, though. Please keep us updated on what they say about letting them go. I hope you can convince them not to keep rabbits anymore!

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Ah, yes very good points on the "no free pet" ads. It does make for a good screening process.

I was wondering, do you think I could just take the rabbits to my local EMart and have them sell them as pets?
Would local pet stores/EMart/Lotte Mart accept them?

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I really don't know, but I would guess that pet stores and big department stores sign contracts with the places that sell animals to them and then deal with those providers exclusively. Also, I've never heard of a pet shop or department store that screens buyers, and I really don't know what they do with sick or malnourished animals...

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Thank you for caring so much for these rabbits!

If the box stores run the same way here as they do in the West, they will not accept animals from outside sources (not their contract breeder). Private petstores might take them but the care they receive will possibly be the same or worse than what they're getting now.

As for your school, please point out that the bunnies are a HUMAN health hazard and you're concerned about the students. Really stress this point. Even if they don't care about the rabbits, they should be interested in protecting the students. Also, point out how expensive, messy and inconvenient the rabbits are for the school. Even if they won't let you take all the rabbits, maybe you could remove all the females. Otherwise it'll be endless litters of babies - until the mother dies of exhaustion. Then the daughters will start having endless litters :(

I suggest making profiles ASAP and doing as Karen said. Even if you can just get them into temporary homes it might save their lives. Domestic rabbits really aren't outdoor animals, and the lack of food and water are very rough on them in this heat.

Unfortunately I have 2 dogs and a cat in my house right now, so not very safe for bunnies.

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Just came into school this morning. Another one of the bunnies is sick and dying...can barely eat and move. There's only 2 bunnies left of the 6 that were born in the 2nd group. The rest have all died.

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Really sad to hear this ... I don't know what else to say, but thank you for caring about them and doing what you can to help them.

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Another one is sick today showing the exact same symptoms as the others. Now there will only be 1 bunny left :(