Daejeon Paws August sponsorship

Daejeon Paws shelter is a privately run no-kill shelter for dogs and cats (currently, about 50 dogs and 8 cats). The shelter recently lost a source of income and is now entirely supported by donations. If you would like to help keep this wonderful little shelter going, here's what is needed and what you can do:


250,000 Rent (covered)
150,000 Utilities
100,000 Drinking water
250,000 Dry dog food (200,000 covered, 50,000 needed)
50,000 Wet dog food for dogs with poor teeth
40,000 Cat food (covered)
25,000 Cat litter (covered)
100,000 Tissue, bleach, cleaning products (50,000 covered, 50,000 needed
100,000 other basic expenses

Please note that all donations can be sent directly to Mrs Jung at

Nong Hyup (NACF) account number 356-0601-8628-13.

The account is in her name (Jung Nan Young), though she says she is going to change the name on the account to be "Animal Shelter 'Angel House'". In Korean, it's 유기견 보호소 ( 천사의집). You can also make donations to

PayPal account [email protected].

If you would prefer to buy supplies
and send them directly to the shelter by post or courier, you can send them to Ms. Jung Nan-young (011-430-6922) at the address below:

대전시 서구 갈마1동 425-9번지 305-768

Please let us know if you make a one-time donation or if you would like to make regular donations to help with monthly expenses. (You can notify us by private or public message.) I will list the expected expenses below and post regular updates to let you know what has been covered. Thank you so much!

The expense list does not include vet care which varies from month to month, but averages to about 200,000 including basics such as vaccinations, immunity tests, heartworm preventatives, and other minor care. Neutering of new male dogs or any major treatment or surgery is not included in this average.

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I just want to give a quick update on how things are going at Daejeon Paws this summer. As some of you might remember, the roof was repaired last summer during the rainy season, and thankfully, it's holding up well this year! Things are going well, and thanks to fundraisers by the Awkward Turtle theater troupe, Dulwich College in Seoul, and Gringo's Mexican restaurant, the costs of running the shelter over the past few months have been much easier to meet. The shelter is run entirely on donations, and there are now a few regular monthly donors who are covering about half the basic expenses. This month, 540,000 won is already covered, and another 525,000 is needed. If you would like to help, please check out the event and join the "Friends of Daejeon Paws" Facebook group. Thank you so much!!

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Thanks to several donations, only 210,000 won (about 200 US dollars) is still needed this month to cover the cost of utilities and vet bills. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far!

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How did the summer fundraising go? Did Daejeon Paws meet its goals?

Since this event says "August" in the title, I've moved it to the Thank You section. If there's a new list of winter expenses, please feel to post again!