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Yay! These bundles of joy are all up for adoption. Thank s to everyone who has helped get them here,especially their foster parents!

Last Tuesday I got a call that 5 kittens had been dumped in the mountain. The story is that a semi-feral farm cat had kittens and when the older owners found them he killed the mother and dumped the kittens. My friend drove past and saw 5 in the street. Her co teacher refused to stop so as soon as she got signal she called me. After a afternoon and a morning my husband and I managed to catch all 5 very hungry, very wild kittens.

I now sat with the dilemma of what to do with them. I don't like to euthanize kittens but what were the chances I could adopt them out. Luckily KAPS suggested that if I could get them vaccinated they could go live in KAPS Daegu cat shelter. This left me with the problem of finding them someone to stay (I already have 7 cats and a foster kitten) during this time. They could have gone straight to the shelter but the chance they would survive the diseases they might get was not worth the chance.

An awesome couple offered and they are now safely in their house until at least 3 rounds of vaccinations are finished. Thus giving them a MUCH better chance of staying healthy.

There latest update is that they are getting tamer by the day. They will still be going to the shelter but adoption profiles will be made for them but it is time sensitive so if they are lucky enough to be adopted they don't have to go to the shelter, if not the alternative is not so bad :)

Their foster parents are awesome so I don't want them carrying the burden of the cost to so am asking for ANY donation to help these babies. They had a rough start and deserve our help.

It will be 3 rounds of vac's (35,000) each +- 175,000 x 5 kittens.
SO our target is 525,000 KRW

They have had their first round of vaccinations so we Desperately need more funds for the next round. If you have ANYTHING to spare please transfer it to this account, and let me know once you have so I can check and thank-you!

Michelle van Veyeren

A huge thanks on their and my behalf in advance :)

AN update album of pics of them

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Update: We are getting more friendly by the day! Our foster parents are doing a great job. We start our vaccinations this weekend. Our foster parents will do what they can but cant afford all of them, that will mean we will only get what we can and have to take our chances. We really don't want that to happen so ANYTHING you can spare will be very GREATLY appreciated.

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Thanks to everyone for their donations. All these kitties are now adoptable. They are tame and needing forever homes. I will post their profiles soon. Thanks again!