Saved from being Beaten

AJ has been adopted by a lovely family with 3 kids. He is being spoiled rotten. He is going to have a very happy life. See pics attached. Thanks again everyone!

Thank you to everyone who donated. Aj is now up for adoption :-)

It breaks my heart to have to write this kind of story yet again. On Tuesday a friend found this doggy at her school. She called me and I went to see what I could do. With absolutely NO help from our county office (animal rescue section) or staff members of the school, I was left with no choice but to take him to the vet myself as he was in so much pain. He couldn't walk or stand. He arrived at the vet that evening, had an x-ray and thank goodness there were no broken bones. His muscles and joints were all inflamed and he had substantial wounds across his abdomen and leg which were filled with maggots. The vet kept him over night on meds and gave him a much deserved hair-do.

Thanks to Buyun Leah Jeong, who arranged for a company to pick him up from the vet and deliver him to his wonderful emergency foster home in Seoul with Ute Oetwoes he will now have a safe and loving home to get better in.

I was then told last night that the county office had reported him lost to the people in the area and someone called in to say please not to return the dog to his owners as they had witnessed what got him to this place. He had had a rope tied around his waist and was strung up to be beaten and what is obvious to us, eaten. That's where the injury on his leg happened. He some how managed to wriggle his way free just in time and run for his life.

His vet bills so far are not a lot and his transport to Seoul but he will need to revisit the vet and it cannot be expected of his foster mom to fit his bills. If anyone has anything to can give toward hi cause it will be greatly appreciated.

So far:
Initial visit 70,000
Transport 100,000
Future visits 200,000 (anything left will be donated to another cause)

So for now 350,000 is needed.

You can transfer it to

Michelle van Veyeren

[email protected]

Recieved with much thanks from:
20,000 Amanda
40,000 Patricia

Please let me know once you have sent so I can check as I have another fund raiser going (Help us stay healthy).

Thanks from all of us in advance :) Keep this little angel in your thoughts as he recovers physically and emotionally.

15/07 update: He has a name A.J (Ajali-means Chance (Swahili), Song-second or two (Thai)
He is eating and had the vet visit him on Saturday. If his health continues this way he will stay in is foster home, but if his wounds do not heal faster he will spend sometime at the vet.

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That poor little guy!

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What is wrong with people?! How can someone be so cold to the suffering of another?? A million thank yous to you for caring and helping this little one out!!

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How else can I donate? Does someone have a PayPal acct?

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I have a paypal account but ive never used it to receive money before. If you can tell me how to do it?

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Shellyw, all you have to do is give the email address that is associated with your paypal account. They will then make a payment to your paypal account. The funds are usually in their within 24-48 hours. They go to the card/bank acct that you signed up for when you first opened that paypal acct. Hope this helps!!

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Thanks so much simplyme! I will get another paypal account then cause mine is linked to my father-in-laws credit card. If anyone is interested please email me [email protected] and ill send you the details :)

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Ok, the paypal account that can be used is email address [email protected]. Thanks everyone

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This is how I feel. Thank you for what you do.

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updates pics

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I will donate 100,000 to your account for AJ.
FYI, My name is Andrey.

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Donated $50

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A.J. pray for your recover!We sent today from hana bank at 1.29p.m. donation.Please check.
Thanks to all vollunteers for charity,big heart,kindness!