CATS, a new shelter project for cats in Seoul

I hope you all are doing fine in this muggy hot summer in Korea and if not in Korea hope you are well wherever you are. Today I am writing you to present a brandnew shelter plan with more aggresive homing plan for cats in need of help.

First of all, I eagerly wanted to make sure the name of the shelter speak for itself and we came up with "C.A.T.S." meaning Cat Assistance in Transitional Shelter. I truly appreciate a couple of Nabiya volunteers who brainstormed for this great name for the project.

We also got a cute name for it which is "Whiskers Ministop". You can see that I really want these cats to be homed rather than living in the shelter.

This is all from my experience while I am helping Nabiya for the past 6 years since spring of 2007.

To speak a little about the project, CATS is a new housing project in Seoul for rescued or abandoned cats who need an emergency place to stay at for a short term in transition to a foster care or adoption.
This event was created to encourage you for donation to support this project to start up.
CATS's main purpose is to promote and find more eligible foster moms/dads and adopters by encouraging people to home them instead of keeping them in the shelter for a long term and end up being lifetime residents of the shelter.
Whiskers Ministop will provide the urgent need of a place for such rescued or abandoned cats until we find someone to look after them. We hope the stay at this shelter will not exceed 4 weeks and we will do work hard to find either foster or forever home with complete cooperation with foster persons and rescuers.
The admission of cats will be strictly decided under the set regulations in order to keep the shelter safe and clean.

The project will be executed once we have enough fund ready from your donation to seek a location for our "Whiskers Ministop".
You can donate in many ways as explained below.

1. Donate for the rent deposit (Our goal : 10,000,000 won) *see note*
2. Donate monthly rent (Our expectation : 500,000 won / month)
3. Donate food (We will feed kitties with "Felidae, rice & chicken formula")
4. Donate wood pallet (We will use "Pinio" wooden pallets)
5. Donate cat supplies(i.e. cat towers, blankets, scratchers, litterboxes and many other necessities)
6. Donate cleaning supplies(i.e. vacuum m/c, brooms, cloth, toilet papers, sanitizers and bleach and etc.)
7. Last but not the least, we need your foster volunteering. Please free to inquire.

Once we get the fund ready and find a location to set up Whiskers Ministop, we will start receiving materials donations.
So for now, we only accept the cash donation to the following bank account. Please make sure to PM me(Sungmi Allie Hong) upon your transfer, because I need to know who donated and say THANK YOU! and make a record.

[NOTE]Your donation for deposit will be refundable upon your 2 month advanced request.

Bank Info:
Woori bank(캣츠 위스커스미니스탑) 1006-801-393094
*Paypal is also available. Please inquire.

Inquiry: [email protected] or PM me(Sungmi Allie Hong) on Facebook.
Please come like the page of this project and click 'going' for the event to support it!

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Please support this up and coming shelter. There are so many kitties out there that need a home, and CATS will help them get off the street and into good homes. :)

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[Update] This donation request will be closed by the end of this month(September 2013).
We are nowhere near our goal, but we are going to end the accessory sales which is a part of the donation collection at the end of September as well.
Please see for more information at
The sales was not so great and the designer is getting busy so we cannot keep on doing it any longer.
Hopefully we will have a better opportunity next time.
I will report the result of fundraising by early October, together with Facebook accessories sales and cash donation.

Also, there will be an event for Holloween on 20th October 2013 hosted by Katherien Hall with the help from May animal hospital. Please see the link for more information at

Thank you so much for your support always!!

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I've moved this fundraiser to the "Thank You" section since it says above it would be closed by the end of September, but if there's a new fundraiser, you can always post a new donation request :)

How did this one go? And was the Hallowe'en event a success? Hope so!

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The fundraising helped collecting up to 5,000,000won including all the event profits.
This will be only a half of the key money we are looking to save so we still have a long way to go, BUT we will get there. I am doing my best to build up the fund to finally we see the shelter:) Thank you alll for your attention and support!

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As of 26 December 2013, the total donation that was collected including all the sales and cash donations comes to total 5,311,508won and 5,000,000won of it will be used for the half of the key money for renting the shelter spot and the rest will be used to prepare for stuff for the shelter if we cannot collect by donation.
The remainder key money that we need will be covered by my personal loan or another private donation which is confirmed verbally.
We still need lots of help to source cages and stuff in the shelter for example cat trees and some shelves. If you can think of anything that can be useful, please feel free to write an email and help!

Thank you so much for all your support and we look forward to a small but successfully managed shelter in town.

Wish you all the best for the new year!