Charlie's Horrible Heartworm Christmas Present ㅠㅠ

Charlie is one of the sweetest dogs around who absolutely didn't deserve heartworm. I've been working with a local vet who's given me a great deal on the cost of treatment. However, it's still a big chunk of money. Any help for Charlie would be appreciated. Here is his story below:

"Eedol, as well as his 4 siblings, all have a sad story. They were born into a loving family. They lived happily together for years, until one day everything changed. Human mom fell in love with a man whose family said no to dogs. Human mom married, moved out of her family home and left the 5 dogs with their lovely human grandmother.

"Then, lovely human grandmother got VERY sick and the doctor advised her not to have so many dogs in the house. It was with great difficulty that the ladies decided to board their 5 dogs at the shelter, in the hope that one day things would return to normal and they could be reunited. Sadly, it didn't.

"Eedol and his 4 siblings (Samdol, Wilde, Ilsoon and Osoon) have been at the shelter for a few years now. Now their human mom has decided to do what is best for them and allow us to give them each a chance to be a part of a loving home once again. Let's get these kids out of the shelter!!"

Slowly but surely these lucky pups have been leaving the shelter. I couldn't NOT help this little dude. His eyes looked so loving and almost begging for some cuddling. So, I got contacted with the correct people and got all prepared to foster.

Now, I've never fostered before. So I got the usuals: toys, blankets, bedding, treats, food, etc. And I knew there would be cost for shots and check ups and possibly some sort of infection or parasite from living in the shelter.

When he finally trusted me enough to let me take him downstairs for a walk, he could barely handle the stairs without weezing and coughing. The walk was even worse, he could barely keep up! My 11 year-old yorkie was walking circles around him. I knew there was a problem.

Sure enough, the doc diagnosed him with a big fat heartworm. The first vet I went to charged me almost 300,000 for his check ups and x-rays and told me I would need to give him 700,000 for heartworm treatment! I almost fainted on the spot. Yeah, I was prepared to be a little out of pocket, but I did NOT have the funds for that. My mind was racing. I knew I couldn't do it. I asked for help.

LUCKILY a kind kind kind friend suggested a different vet in my town. He understood that Charlie was a foster dog and I couldn't pay very much for his treatment. He offered to do everything (shots, pills, overnight stays) for 300,000!! Can you believe it???

After already paying the other docs bills it was still a lot of money out of pocket on my first foster, but much better than I had thought. THe only problem is I'm planning to fly my own dog back to the states in January so I can travel after my contract. I want to set her up with my fam at home so I know she has a safe place to stay until I'm back. Again, this costs a lot of money.

I know there are lots of dogs out there in need, but Charlie is going to need a new home in Jan. when I leave. I really want to find him a forever home, but if it comes down to it, a foster would be great, too!

IF you know anybody who may be interested in this sweety let me know.

If you're interested in helping me out in ANY way with vet bills, I would be forever greatful. I KNOW there are a lot of donation requests going around during the holidays, but any little bit would help me so much.

For transfers please use this account and text me so I can check that it came through. (01056690582)

KEB# 620-189618-526

My goal is 345,000 (this is the cost of all treatments and preventative heartworm meds)


20,000 Thanks Kate!!
20,000 Thanks Erin!!
50,000 Thanks Dan!!
50,000 Thanks Rob!!
150,000 Thanks Chloe and Sara!!!!!
50,000 Thanks yardsale fundraiser!

Yay! only 5,000 to go! ^^
Haha who am I kidding. I think this is more than enough!! Thanks fo much guys!! I think this donation request if finished!! I love all of you and hope you have a happy holidays!

For more information on Charlie, check out his ARK page or FB page.

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Thanks for the donation guys, you don't know how much it helps. :)

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Um, so manybe I'm just being a total noob, but how do I end this donation request?

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Just edit this profile to the "thank you" section, rather than donation request :)

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Thank you marlajoy, I was just going to say the same thing :)

emi7147, the "Thank you" option will be under "Blog Category" when you edit. After you change the category and your post will show up here instead:

I hope Charlie's feeling better soon!