Dire Straits on Jeju-do

The Jeju Yugidongmul Shelter is in need of help. At the end of December 2012 the shelter and all the animals there will be evicted from their current location. Although I had been aware the shelter would need to move at some point in the future this news was shocking and unexpected to me, especially as the end of the year is fast approaching. The hope is to raise money for a new shelter at another location on the island.

This is a plea sent out by Christy, one of the volunteers at the shelter who helps communicate with English-speaking volunteers:


Please help us build a new animal shelter.

The only animal shelter run by a private organization in Jeju (Located in Aradong) is having financial problem. The court is evicting her from the current location by end of December. Somehow the new location she was moving to was denied due to neighbors’ complaints. Therefore, all the deposit put into the construction and the lease for the new shelter is being taken away.

We are looking at another location to take care of 160 animals and we need to raise 20,000,000 Won for the deposit. The animal shelter does not get any official donation for the place and it had been running by only one individual. The individual is having so much financial trouble that she might even have trouble providing food for the animals in the future.

We are starting an official “Donate to Happy Rescued Animal Shelter” fundraising site at http://cafe.daum.net/jeju-ugidongmul to raise 20,000,000 Won. Help save a life by donating toward the cost for building new Happy Rescued Animal Shelter.

We are accepting minimum donation from 20,000 Won. More donation would be appreciated and the new shelter will be built sooner. Donators’ name will be posted on the website and the donation account is made by the site manager, KyungMi Yoon(윤경미). The fundraising will be held From Dec. to Jan. for two months and 1st donation in Dec. will be spent for moving process. The 2nd donation in Jan. will be used in expenses for the construction.

Donation Bank Acct Info :

Bank: NongHyup Bank(농협)
Account #: 352-0512-6849-63
Account Holder: 윤경미/Kyungmi Yoon

We believe in miracle. Even sick animals deserve a chance at happiness. Many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies need special help to get healthy before they can find permanent adoptive homes. Please Help 160 innocent animals!!


While there has been some estrangement in the past few months between foreigners and the shelter, it is my hope that people will pull together to help the animals who will soon be losing their home. Any help is appreciated. Animals are available for adoption as well, however as I am no longer living on Jeju I am unsure as to which animals are at the shelter. Visit the Jeju Animals Facebook group to connect with volunteers on the island.

I will post updates as I hear of them. Let's help make sure these animals waiting for a second chance don't lose their home.

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So far donations have reached a little over 10,000,000 Won, which is fantastic! We are half-way to the goal but still have a ways to go. Thank you to those who have donated so far, and if you are thinking of doing so, any amount is welcome.

The shelter is still in negotiations for a new land space, so please send positive thoughts for the search. Or if you happen to know of an animal friendly landowner on Jeju...

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An update on the search for a new location can be found on the Yugidongmul website.

As of December 20th, total funds raised have amounted to 14,729,375 Won. I would like to thank those who have donated, your help is very much appreciated. The goal is within reach!

There is a lot of work to be done in transporting the animals once the shelter is evicted at the end of December. Also help is needed in constructing a new shelter. Any help is appreciated. So if you find yourself on Jeju this weekend (Dec 28 - 30) , please give me a shout and I can forward you the contact information for one of the Korean volunteers who speaks English.

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A new update with pictures of the shelter location/construction (I believe) from the Ugidongmul Cafe.

As of January 3rd, funds raised have amounted to 18,489,744원.

6,600,000원 has gone towards rent and construction costs, the donation balance at 11,889,744원. Much thanks to anyone who has donated. Fundraising is ongoing.

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The newest update listing the funds raised for the shelter can be found here.

Updated information on what's happening re: the move and new location can be found here.

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I just checked the updates and it looks like they've reached 19,654,550원! I'm relying on Google Translate, though, and it's not very helpful with the paragraphs, haha.

Do you know if the fundraising is still going on? Have the animals moved yet? I really hope everything is turning out OK!

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I've moved this over to the "Thank You" section, but if the fundraiser is still ongoing my apologies~ if so, feel free to move it back.

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Thank you for moving this to the Thank You section, Karen. It looks like the shelter moved to their new location back in March. There are no foreign volunteers currently but it looks like the animals have a more spacious setup. I can only hope they are doing well there!