New poster for Boots in the comments section below!! (Wearing the clothes he was wearing the day he was lost). Please, wherever you are, please print some out and stick them up. You never know who might see it and then see Boots.

Please help us to find Boots!!

He was lost in Wangsimni, Seoul at NOON TODAY.

He has a collar and name tag on. As far as I know he is a little skittish and might need some coaxing. He will be very frightened.

Please please please share this and keep your eyes open for him!!

Here is a recent photo of him. He is still a puppy.

(Mr Park of Asan shelter has put up Korean listings for us on the Korean lost/found sites.)

Here is a video that his mom has made to try and spread the word even further.


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Oh no! Poor baby! I'll be thinking about him and hoping for a safe return!! :)

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This is the search party "event" on Facebook. Please come and join us if you can! We need to find Boots!!

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Please print and put these up wherever possible!!

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Here is the most recent poster and picture of Boots. PLEASE print out a few copies WHEREVER you are and stick them up! Dogs can travel very far. We have no idea if Boots is still in the same area as where he was initially lost. Please help us!!

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Please share this video of Boots far and wide!!


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Hello Everyone. A fellow pet owner has lost her baby, Boots. Please read below and help out by any means. I can't imagine how I would be if I lost my pet. You can find her on Facebook.

Claudia Mamet
Hello everyone, as you can see this search event will end on 1 January 2013, exactly 1 month from the day Boots went missing. In order to continue searching for him, I have cancelled my trip home to South Africa for Christmas. I have done this because I strongly believe Boots is still out there and there is a high chance of him being returned to me. However, as I have mentioned before, I seriously need your help because this city is *** HUGE and the language barrier is slowing things down. So, what exactly am I asking from you? One or all of the following:

1. No matter who you are or where you live on this planet, I would like you please to SPREAD the YouTube video and Lost Poster of Boots. I know the video is pathetic, but I tried my best with the limited resources and time I had. I need these to spread as far and wide as possible to try get more support, especially from the media. Don't think that because you don't live in Seoul, posting these 2 links won't make a difference. They will. And if you're a teacher in Korea, I ask that you take a few minutes in class to share my story about Boots and to encourage your students to spread the poster and video too.

2. Give me tips/ideas/info. when you can. My mind is all over the place right now, so I appreciate all the advice I can get.

3. If you live in Seoul - anywhere in Seoul - please print 100 posters and post them near subway stations and on main roads around the area you live/work in. I want "Boots'" name to be known by everyone in Seoul, "the lost dog" who everyone is keeping an eye out for.

4. If / when you can, please spare a few hours, even one, to help me in my search. Every day we expand outwards by putting up flyers in likely areas Boots traveled to, speaking to passers by, and searching in quiet alleys, but doing this alone is very difficult work.

5. If you would like to support this search but cannot spare the time, I could do with some donations. I won't lie, I have spent almost a million won on color posters, flyers, tape etc. in just one week. Black and white posters are A LOT cheaper but they have resulted in me getting horribly false leads about black and white dogs (I'm not kidding). Color posters are the only way to secure more accurate leads. If you would like to help with donations my bank details are:
Claudia Mamet
Shinhan Bank

6. I need your prayers, thoughts, and good karma. For non-animal people this is a difficult concept to understand, but this dog is my family. The day I adopted him I made a commitment to do everything I could to keep him safe and happy. I have failed him, and I am doing my utmost to rectify it. I have never experienced such pain in my life. I have lost family members which was painful, but at least I had closure. At least I knew what happened to them. This lack of closure with Boots is eating away at me every minute. But knowing that there are people out there cheering us on is what keeps me from falling apart.

Thank you for reading this; I know it's long.

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I completely understand how you feel - I have been in your shoes. A number of years ago, I lost my furry family member for 1 whole month. It was absolutely terrible, especially because of the lack of closure you mentioned. I always had terrible images in my head of where he might be or what might have happened to him. Lucky for me he somehow found his way back home one night. He was beaten up and dirty but ok. I know you will find Boots. You will have him back in your arms again. I will do my best to pray for you both and put out as much positive energy as I can! Good luck in the search and stay positive!! :) Boots will be home soon.

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Boots is safe with Claudia! He was hanging around an industrial site, someone took a picture, and a group of Boots' supporters rushed out there along with Claudia. Congratulations everyone!

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OH MY GOSH!!!! That is the best news ever!! I was really thinking about him the last few days and I'm so happy he is safe at home!! How far away was he? Is he ok?

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Tonight Boots is sleeping in his warm home with his delighted (and exhausted) mom.

I will let Claudia do a full "report" since she knows all the details, but Boots literally jumped into her arms tonight. He had moved from Wangsimni Station in Seoul to Janghangpyeong Station area, probably along the river. A security guard had been feeding him daily for the last week and didn't know there were hundreds of people out looking for him! Another person managed to get a photo of Boots in an apartment complex and send it to the Korean-speaking contact. That alerted us to where he was and together, thanks to the Facebook event we were running and the ability to "share" info quickly, a hoard of people headed there to find him. A community of people all over the world waited with baited breath. In about one hour, 72 people had "shared" the photo I re-posted on the event page along with the plea for help in that area. There were more shares from people who had already shared the photo from my the number of people watching the chase and looking for him was exponential. (Facebook, Twitter etc. can be life-saving tools!)

In short, Allison Young was the hero of the day who spotted him, acted appropriately (with his skittish nature) and then, when Claudia came around the corner and called his name, he leaped into her arms. Wish I'd been there to see it!

It's incredible what a community of people can do when we work together for a cause instead of against each other. The animal's well-being should always be top priority and people should remember to try not let their pride get in the way of doing the right thing for the voiceless.

Claudia and Boots - I am SO happy that you are reunited and I know many, many people shed happy tears over your "Christmas Miracle" tonight, myself included. May you never have to be separated again!

The photo of Boots sent in that first alerted us to his location.Reunited!! (Photo by Allison Young)Happiness is... (Photo by William Cho)
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Greetings from South Africa! I am extremely happy that you found Boots safe and sound. We have been following your story and was crying and praying from this side. Wishing you as many blessings as the effort you put into finding Boots.

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Wow! and blessings to the security guard, and there must have been other kind heroes, strangers who saw Boots through with food or water or benevolence--how good to know that about Seoul!