Bosuni Potty Problems

Thank you everyone for the donations and support. I am going to close this fundraiser; there are a lot of other fundraisers that are a lot more urgent than this one.

However, I was asked if donations could still be made. YES! I would still like to get her spayed when possible and of course cover the original bill as much as possible. Neither goal has been met yet!


This is not going to be my most eloquent posting, I apologize.

Basically, my foster dog Bosuni is a great dog, but she's been having a major problem with urine. First run to the vet gave us antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Not only did they not work, but they created more problems. Unfortunately, the problem has not gotten any better, so we went to a different vet. Today's vet ran some tests and confirmed that there was no sign of a UTI in the urinalysis. Bo also doesn't have crystals or stones. After describing what Bo is doing, the vet agrees that this is not a behavioral problem. She sent the urine off for a more extensive testing, which will take about a week to process.

Today's bill was 180, 000w for an sonogram, x-rays of her bladder and uterus. Next week's bill is a mystery. The vet also suggested it could be hormone problems weakening the bladder muscles and strongly suggested she be spayed.

Due to unexpected medical and dental expenses as well as work-related expenses, I absolutely *cannot* foot the bill the way I normally do with my foster animals. There is simply no money in my bank account to pay with.

Today's Bill Breakdown (bill is in korean >.< this is approximate translations of the services):
PH test strip 5,000w
Sonogram 33, 000w
x-ray 50, 000w
urinalysis 30, 000w
extensive lab urinalysis 50, 000w
"buga sae" 10, 000w
"jin chal ro" 5, 000w
[no idea what those are - I'll look them up on Monday]
Total 183, 000w
Donated: 125, 000w

Projected bills:
Spay 300, 000w
Donated: 0

If you'd like to help Bo be the healthy, happy dog she should be and find her forever home, please considering transferring some funds. Even a little bit would help.

302 0306 6665 21

If you think you have time and patience to foster her, please check her profile and use the contact information:

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What exactly is the problem with her urination?

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She can't stop urinating and goes frequently. If you want more details I can PM.

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Please PM me as well! Copy and paste is just fine :)

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I decided instead of just guesstimating how often this little girl is going, I'd count! Fora 24 hour period, 6 am- 6am, Bosuni urinated 28 times, marked (leg hike/dribble) 8 times and submissive peed 4 times. Only 6 of those were in an inappropriate place! (not counting the submissive pees; those are a different issue)

Here's hoping the new containment/behavioral modification strategies correct those 6 accidents until we can get to the root of the problem!

Current training goal: down-stay. Can't pee laying down (well, she can and has, but it's more difficult). She's already learned down-stay on her mat.

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Thank you Kate W. for your donation :)

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I will send you one as well, as soon as I can! Yay, Kate!

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Went to the vet today with Bo. The results haven't come back yet, so she will call me on Monday or Tuesday to let me know. She gave Bo a look-see and said she looked/felt fine in the abdominal area but was concerned about the folds of her vagina. They aren't quite right, but that may be due to the heat and licking, but it could be a cause of infection/inflammation too.

She also confirmed Bo is STILL in heat. There's a very unscientific test for this that is very undignified for the dog. Bo just sat there like, Why is she poking my butt area?

The vet once again reiterated getting her spayed!

After that we went to the park where there's an enclosed area to let the dogs run. Bo really enjoyed stretching her legs, but she was also very mindful and obedient to my commands. She also spent the entire hour repeatedly emptying her bladder, which was nice too.

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Thank you Lindsay H. and Trevina for your generous donations!

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Thank you Glenn M. Your donation is much appreciated ;)

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Since the snow delayed my New Year's plans yesterday, I took the dogs to the park in the fresh snow. Bo got to race her little heart out, running ahead and then sprinting back when I called. We've been working really hard on behavior modification to turn housebreaking into a habit. It doesn't stop all the accidents, but it prevents more accidents than are necessary! :)

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Thank you everyone for the donations and support. I am going to close this fundraiser. I would still like to get her spayed in the future; however, I don't have the time or energy to do this properly. Plus, there are a lot of other fundraisers that are a lot more urgent than this one.

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Thank you Ji K. for your warm donation towards little Bo :)