"Project Paul"

Update 31 Dec 2012:
Wow, I checked my bank account this morning and was simply blown away. Huge thanks to the donors who have contributed to Project Paul (listed below). We have reached and exceeded our goal - thank you!

I am going to check on Paul and take him for a walk in an hour so I will try and get some photos and videos of our sweet boy.

I have an excess of W50,000 - I plan on keeping this in the "Paul fund" for further boarding at the vet should a foster home not be found in time. (This would "buy" us an extra 5 days.) If a foster or forever home is found (here's hoping!) I would like to use the extra money for the 6 kittens who are currently being boarded at my vet and receiving treatment. Donors, please let me know if you have any objections to this via e-mail: [email protected].

Once again, thank you! Please spread the word that Paul needs a home to go to after his hospital stay. http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1592


Paul is a beautiful, friendly spaniel who was rescued by Mr Park from Busan City Pound. He came to Asan with terrible ears which had begun to calcify. You can read his entire profile and explanation here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1592

I took Paul to my vet to get started on his treatment last week, as we could tell it would be a lengthy process.

- Paul is heartworm negative :)
- Paul had some x-rays to help diagnose the extent of his ear damage.
- He also went under anesthetic and had his ears flushed and explored further. The news is not bad. :)

His left ear: Please refer to the photo of the model ear in the comments section below. The ear canal has completely closed very close to the ear drum. This means that Paul is deaf in his left ear. Surgery on this ear is impossible and unnecessary. From the place of closure to the external environment, the rest of the ear canal is inflamed, itchy and infected with a (common) yeast infection. This is now being treated.

His right ear: Great news! The ear canal is still open and does not need any surgery at all! It is also infected but is being treated. I bet he feels a whole lot better!

What else is needed?
1. Paul will need 3 weeks in hospital with daily medication and professional ear cleaning/treatment 5x a week.
2. Thereafter he will need a foster or forever home who can commit to cleaning his ears themselves (this is not difficult) 5x a week with a cleaning solution.

The money situation:

Initially we had anticipated a surgery which was going to cost an arm and a leg! Luckily for all of us (Paul especially) surgery is not necessary. More great news is that my super-duper vet has given me a discount for Paul!

Therefore, the cost already spent on Paul is: W310,360. (discounted)
This includes a week-long stay in hospital, food, a bath, medication, x-rays, blood tests, anesthetic & flushing procedure and ear cleaning every day.
The additional anticipated cost is: W200,000 (2 more weeks boarding @ a discounted price of W10,000 per day + 60,000 "guesstimate" for any extra medication. These amounts I will confirm as soon as possible with my vet.)

W600,000 (I have upped this slightly to reflect a grooming session for Paul, at the kind request of Ruth Attewell.)



If you would like to donate to help Paul get well, please see below for details:

In Korea:
Clare Mills
Account # 620-203339-430

In South Africa:
C. Mills
Standard Bank
Account: 25-164-593-2
Branch: Kloof

I am working on a PayPal solution!

*** Please be sure to send me an e-mail at [email protected] once you have made a donation so I can keep track of the money and of course, so I can thank you. ***

Donations received:
Thank you so much to:

Katelin MacNair, Will & Lucy
Glenn Manarin
Ute Oetwoes
Ruth, Glen, Sunny & Riley Attewell

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Here is a photo of the "model" ear to show where his left ear has closed:

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Paul is still doing well at the vet's and having his ears cleaned daily. Today he will be having a grooming session, thanks to the Attewell's kind donation, and I'm sure he will feel so much better afterwards!

Thereafter, Paul will be ready to leave the confines of his small cage at the hospital and go into a home - foster or forever! Please contact me if you're interested in foster or adopting Paul and have a look at his profile here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1592