Help William and his heart

Dear friends,
we send out a plea to help raise money to support William The Great Maltese to fight worms in his heart and to start a new healthy life.

But first let me tell you William’s story. His story is amazing.

One day in July 2013 there was a post on Animal Rescue Korea FB about one dog, a little Maltese, that ended up being sent to a city pound. The person who wrote that post asked for help, so ARK FB members started commenting on it trying to help and one of them posted the link to website. This link:

According to website 18 of 40 abandoned/found dogs in Seoul area only posted on July 15 of 2013 (that one day) were euthanized. Those 18 never left the pounds alive.
The little dirty Maltese was not one of them.
Here’s why:
someone who saw the link posted on ARK FB just couldn’t stop thinking about that little abused dog,
so that person talked to one of his FB friends and asked her to foster the little dog,
it took a couple of days, but finally the answer was given and it was “Ok, I’ll do it”,
then it was time to ask for more help from other friend: “Do you think we could try to help this guy?”, and the answer was “Yes! I saw that one and really want him to have a chance”.
Not only the dog’s future foster mom agreed to foster him, she also rescued him from death row and named him William ^^.

Right after leaving KARAMA pound William was taken to the vet hospital in Seoul where he received much needed health check and got groomed (the groomer cried when she first saw the dog).
Here’s what was done during the first visit to the vet:
distemper test, parvo test, corona virus test, H/W test, blood test CBC and chemistry, antibody level test, fecal test, basic check (ears, eyes, etc.),X-ray, skin treatment (started).
Unfortunately, William tested positive for heartworms. Heartworm treatment added more to the total bill: pre-meds for H/W treatment, H/W treatment injections, more meds. And William will need another H/W kit test once treatment is all finished.

Do you think this handsome fella deserves a chance? Do you think his guardian angels deserve some help? If so, please help them as much as you can! No help is too small.

Our goal: 638,000 Korean won (still owe to pay off the total bill).
Bank info: IBK 615-009904-01-010 Seo.
If you aren't in Korea or would prefer using paypal: [email protected], Kim Sujin.

Big THANK YOU to everyone involved in William’s rescue. He appreciates everything you’ve done for him.

William’s adoption profile on ARK website:

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61,282 won - raised! Thank you, Yasmine L. and Barbara M.!

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Raised: 61,282₩ + 50,785₩ = 112,067 ₩
To go: 525,933 ₩
Thank you, Yasmine L., Barbara M. and Marc N.!

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Raised: 61,282₩ + 50,785₩ +50,000 ₩ + 200,000 ₩ + 50,000 ₩ = 412,067 ₩
To go: 225,933 ₩
Big thank you to Yasmine L., Barbara M., Marc N., Katie R. H. and her husband, William's amazing foster mom, Youjin, and the anonymous donor in Korea!


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Raised: 61,282₩ + 50,785₩ +50,000 ₩ + 200,000 ₩ + 50,000 ₩ + 10,000 ₩ + 50,000 ₩ + $10 + 50,000 ₩ + $50 + 15,933₩ + 100,000 ₩ = 698,000 ₩


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Thank you, friends!