Kitten Fostering for KAPS in Daegu!

Hello, everyone! Here at KAPS in Daegu we often have an influx of kittens at various times. We're proud to say that our cat shelter is a very pleasant place for cats, where they can roam around freely, nap in the fresh air on all kinds of shelves, trees, and boxes, and play with each other and our kind visitors. However, kittens need extra care and we're trying to find a way to help them out. We're looking for fosters to take in kittens for a limited time. Our plan is to find care for kittens while they are still so young that they are extra vulnerable, even for our lovely shelter. If we can find fosters who are willing to help kittens survive to an age that they can be vaccinated and fixed, then we can move the young cats into the shelter where we know they'll have a very healthy, happy life ahead of them. If you would like to help some of our kittens have a better chance at this happy life, please contact us! The commitment can be very short, just until they are vaccinated. Of course, fosters should also help us in finding forever homes for these kittens, as well. Please help these babies have a chance at life! Taking care of kittens can be hard work, but the the positive side of it is.. well, um.. you can have KITTENS. Kittens are known to be the most wonderful life form on the planet. Scientifically proven... Contact us for more details! If you think you can help, please email me at [email protected]. Cheers!

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Unfortunately I am unable to foster, regardless of the answer to the following question but, for the sake of clarity, is the cost of vaccinations and spaying/neutering the responsibility of the foster parent or do you cover those costs?

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Fostering these kittens would require the same responsibilities as our usual fostering situation. The foster is a true KAPS hero because they're offering to take on the cost of one of our animals, and it's up to the foster to cover the costs of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, food, etc. In certain cases we are able to help with some of the costs, depending on our funds at the time and the urgency of whatever situation arises. If the foster runs into trouble, we'll help as much as we can, but the foster would be responsible for basic vet care. I hope that answers your question! Thanks for checking out our kittens! :)