Help Patches, Berry and Nori get healthy!

2012/12/3: Dear all,
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. We have reached our goal! Berry has been adopted by a very nice human, and is now Zazie. Nori and Patches are still waiting, but both are very healthy and with a lot of personality! Thank you again for helping to make this possible. We all appreciate it. :)

Humans + Berry (Zazie), Nori & Patches

Hi everyone! This fundraiser is to help three stray/abandoned animals that I took in. Berry is our current foster cat. I found Patches emaciated and wandering around a country bus stop. Nori is a starving kitten we lured out from under a stack of railroad ties.

Normally I would cover the costs myself, but between taking care of my own animals (I have six - a cat, a dog, 2 rats, a hamster and a hedgehog) and the high cost of vet work in Korea, it's simply not possible for me to do it on my own. Please read more about these animals below, and consider donating to help offset the cost of their vet bills.

About me: I'm currently a teacher in Korea. I believe that both people and animals deserve to have a good quality of life, and I spend much of my free time and spare money working towards that goal. All six of my pets are rescues that I adopted while in Korea, and plan to bring back to the U.S.A with me when I return in 2014.

About the animals:

Berry is working on getting healthy; getting over feline herpes, getting up-to-date on vaccinations, and making sure those awful ear mites are GONE. Plus getting microchipped.

***UPDATE: Berry is doing really well. She’s been on medicine for her eye, which has a feline herpes-related infection. She’s taking it like a champ! Her next round of vaccinations will be Oct. 27, when she’ll be checked for ear mites again.***

Patches has been putting on weight so he can get neutered and get his teeth scaled, and needs to start his vaccinations and get a microchip. He also needs to have a spot on his nose looked at.

***UPDATE: Patches has heartworms. We’re going to budget the 300,000w for his neutering for his heartworm treatment instead, and try and find a vet that will neuter him at cost. The spot on his nose ended up being a bacterial infection. Patches got a shot of antibiotics for it, 14 doses of medicine, and a medical solution for his skin. The vet will look him over on Sunday to see how well it’s healing.***

Nori needs to put on weight. She's going into the vet today. She looks healthy, but her ears are dirty and she needs to be dewormed. I'll update on what the vet says.

***UPDATE: Nori has a clean bill of health. She was de-wormed, had her ears cleaned, and got her first round of vaccinations. The vet estimated her to be 3+ months old. She’s currently on her way to a foster home in Seoul, where she stands a much higher chance of finding a forever home. Her next round of vaccinations will be Oct. 29.***

Cost for Berry: 240,000w + 45,000 = 285,000w
This is for the first 2 rounds of vaccinations, ear mite medicine, heartworm test, and an ISO microchip. Will update once I know the cost of the 3rd round of vaccinations + rabies vaccination. We covered her Frontline.

Cost for Patches: about 506,000w.
This will cover a heartworm test, Heartguard, neutering using gas anesthesia, checking his blood work, getting his teeth scaled, and ALL his vaccinations. It does not count an ISO microchip, and we already covered his Frontline.

Cost for Nori: 40,000w + 40,000w (10/29) = 80,000w + 20,000w = 100,000w
This covers her first vaccination, the next vaccination on Oct. 29, and offsets the cost of the 3rd round of vaccinations/ rabies vaccination. We will cover her heartworm test, Frontline, and microchip. She's got about 3 months before she's ready to be spayed.

Total: approx. 891,000w

***WE’VE RAISED 721,000w!!!
ONLY 170,000w TO GO!***

Please help these animals get healthy! Pets are a newer phenomenon to Korean society, so vet work is often very expensive. Pets are also often considered disposable, which has led to an increase in stray and abandoned animals. Animal adoption, as well as the need to neuter, vaccinate, and provide basic health care, are all ideas that are just now beginning to take hold. Even though the government has been taking steps to help decrease the number of animals abandoned yearly, it's a work in progress. Your donations help three wonderful animals have a chance at a home where they're loved for the rest of their lives.

If you're interested in fostering Patches, or if you're interested in adopting Berry, Patches or Nori, please contact me. They'd love to meet you!


Meghann Franer


[email protected]

*****Please let me know when you send it, the amount, and which animal you'd like to donate to, or if you'd like it to be split between them. If I don't hear back, it'll go into the "everyone" fund. *****





Babs Fabs, 25k
Brian Bird and Barbara, $50
Kristina B Hartley, $25
Matthew J. McReynolds, $75
Shelly Salim, 30k
Katherine Hall, 50k
Nipun Tamrakar, 40k
Brian Bird, $25
Sharon A Rolston, $40
Marie Martinek, $200
Jordan Schultz, 25k

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marlajoy's picture

You have 6 animals of your own PLUS these 3 fosters?!

megs's picture

Hey marlajoy!
Yes, for about a week it was crazy.
Fortunately, an experienced foster friend took Nori, so she's in Seoul now.
Another of my rats sadly passed away :(, and at this moment, my own cat is back in the U.S. with my boyfriend's family.
So things have calmed down considerably, thankfully! We're down to 6 animals now, fosters included. :)

marlajoy's picture

That sounds much more manageable but still pretty crazy. I've had six. I know! :)

Karen's picture

How is the fundraiser for your rescues coming along, have you met your final goal? Hope so!

Karen's picture

Thanks for the update!