Help Summer the Dog Survive Her Injuries

On January 3 2014 Summer the Samoyed Jindo mix Dog from Asan shelter was found after being lost for 3 months. But she sustained horrible injuries surviving in Seoul, including a shattered pelvis and broken spine near her tail from a car collision. She also has heartworm. As the previous adopter's been out of the country recently and Julie Taylor Park, an instrumental volunteer in the ARK community, has fallen in love with beautiful Summer and shown dogged determination to find her, they agreed that Julie will take over and adopt Summer. Unfortunately the massive injuries were completely unanticipated. Let's show support and help out Summer, and Julie and Marco who spent days and nights on the streets looking for Summer for the 3 months she was missing. Thank you again for your support and words of encouragement and thank you once again to Julie & Marco for never giving up on Summer!

Fundraising Goal
3,000,000won-6,000,000won (estimates to be updated Jan. 8)

    - Complete break of pubis bone
    - Heartworm grade 2
    - Broken spine near tail, possible nerve exposure
    - Stray bone fragment near bladder wall - may clear, may require further surgery
    - Emergency surgery and 1 week minimum vet stay: approx. 1,700,000won
    - HW treatment 1,000,000won *estimated
    - Support, medications, etc. to be estimated post surgery

Current Location:
2013.01.06 Gangnam - please contact Julie Taylor Park for further details.
Please see the facebook page which will be also full of updates about this traumatized dog's condition.

New adopter:
Julie-Taylor Park
[email protected]

Fundraising Coordination:
Karin McDonald
[email protected]

Latest Info:
Facebook page created.
Ark donation request blog created.
To be updated Jan 7, 2013.

How you can help:
1) Consider donating to the fundraiser The latest estimate for emergency surgery, heartworm treatment, and aftercare is between $3,000-$6,000 (to be updated Jan 8).
Paypal [email protected]
Unique Korean bank account Shinhan 110-403-431725 karin mcdonald

2) Offers of supplies and possibly foster help are needed pending Julie and Marco's return plans to Australia More information coming. Please visit the facebook page often for updates.

If you can offer assistance, need help donating, or have supplies or anything, please contact Julie or Karin at the contacts above! You can also post a comment here.

1) Please visit the facebook page for updates on all the financials for this fundraiser. If you would like a copy of the most recent fundraising accounts, please email [email protected]

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