Helping Minnie~

We've created a new facebook profile for Minnie, to try and help get some funding help for her Vet bills. After recently vetting her kitten Mickey, we are a little low on money.

Any support will be so greatly appreciated! Or if you can Foster her, that would be even greater!

Thanks so much!

The LINK to her profile~


Sorry this update is a bit late coming.
I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has helped us with Minnie's vet bills, and Supported and cared about helping Minnie out!

Her total vet bills came to 375,000won, and her monthly rent/care fee at Whiskers Ministop is 50,000won.We managed to get 265,000won of donations for Minnie, so we're really happy and thankfull to everyone who helped!!

Minnie is now ready and waiting for someone to come along and sweep her off her furry little feet~ =^u^=LikeCommentShare

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Here's a link to Minnie's adoption profile (which has more of her rescue story):

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How is Minnie doing?

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Minnie is doing great :)
She is now 100% healthy, and is currently at CATS, Whiskers Ministop, waiting for her forever family to come and find her. :)
We visited her on the weekend, and she loved getting some extra pats and smooches.

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Great to hear Minnie is doing well. Are you still collecting donations for her?

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She's doing very well lately. She had her final vaccination shot the other day, and she seems to not want to try and get outside anymore too :)
If people are still willing to help with Minnie's monthly boarding fee of 50,000won, that would be great, but I'm just so happy for the support that we have received so far that I don't feel right pushing for more. :)
I would LOVE if someone could donate their home and heart to Minnie though!
She's still looking for a foster family, or forever home~~~

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Aw, she's so cute. She looks very comfy :)

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