International Travel: Cat Health Check

Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a rush home and I'm trying to get all the paperwork ready so I can take my cat home with me! My vet doesn't have a lot of experience with what paperwork is needed. Will the health check take time? Or is it something that can be done in a day? Does anyone have the form? Or what it is called?

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What country are you travelling to?

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The US

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OK, then the paperwork should be pretty simple and quick (unless you're going to Hawaii)!

Here's the US CDC page about bringing cats into the US:

There's contact info in the sidebar so you can give them a call to find out if your state requires a rabies vaccination.

If you happen to be in Seoul try calling Korea Animal Transport, they're affiliated with Chungwha Animal Hospital and can help you with paperwork if your vet isn't comfortable with international certificates:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much! I'm going to call Chungwha and see if they can just make the whole process easier.