KAPS Forgotten Pups Need Your Help!

June 18th - UPDATE!!! The pups' skin has really improved over the last two months thanks to YOU guys!

We have raised a total of 1.7 MILLION WON for our Forgotten Pups!!!! I guess they aren't so forgettable after all!

A special thanks to our star donors: Matthew, Meghann, Allison, 2 SUPER generous anonymous folks for contributing, and one other donor whose name escapes me at the moment (I'm so sorry!! I will post your name when I check back in my banking book this evening!!)

Now that the malassezia has cleared up, we will be using the remaining money to get our pups in tip-top, adoption ready form!

The largest expense will involve Nellie's heartworm treatment. Current cost estimate: anyone whose pup has had heartworms knows it's almost impossible to say... but it's a lot. Nellie would recover much more comfortably in a home, so I'm hoping we can find a kind individual to take her in as a foster! Better yet, to adopt her!

The pups will all be receiving monthly heartguard tablets (well, except for Nellie!), receive their booster vaccinations (and perhaps even the rabies vaccine if it is still on special!), Billy will have his eyes and teeth attended to, and Happy will have his legs checked out one more time (second opinions are always good :)

For now, I'd say that our fundraiser has come to an incredibly successful conclusion. I will start another blog soon about their progress and treatment :) Thanks again everyone for all of your help and best wishes for our Forgotten KAPS dogs.

To learn more about the Forgottens, please visit their profiles...

Billy: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/318
Nellie: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1803
Happy: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/316
Frankenstein: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/317
Freckles: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1701


About the Forgottens:

Billy, Happy, Nellie, Frankenstein (and their newest buddy, Freckles) are collectively known as the KAPS Forgottens. They have been living outdoors in the yard at the KAPS shelter in Daegu for a long time, ranging from one to four years. They are lovely dogs with distinct and unique personalities who especially love snuggling up to visitors! They are the dogs you know you'll always see when you come to visit the shelter, when in animal rescue we see too many others come and go quickly.

The Problem:

Do you remember having the chicken pox as a kid? It wasn't pleasant, right?

Well, the Forgottens have been suffering from a fungal skin condition called "malassezia", and it's heartbreaking to watch. It has caused chronic itching, inflammation, red sore spots, and extreme discomfort for the poor dears. At their worst, Billy, Happy, Nellie (but luckily not Frankenstein or Freckles) had lost huge sections of their fur on their faces, tummies, hind-legs and rear. They were scratching so intensely and ceaselessly that they were cutting themselves and bleeding, putting them at risk of infection in a shelter environment.

With a generous donation from Rick and Anna, as well as anonymous donations from the latest KAPS Dog Walking event, Kayt, Tony and Alex volunteered their time to bring four dogs of the dogs to the vet for a checkup.

After the examination, the vet recommended the following course of action for the dogs...

The Solution:

1. Oral medication for all five, for up to two months.
2. Vaccinate the dogs
3. Have them tested for heartworms, and give them heartguard.

How *YOU* Can Help!

Financially! ^^
(Or by fostering! Check out their profiles below...)

1. We need to raise 200,000 Korean Won to finish the malassezia treatment for the 5 dogs over the remaining month.
2. The dogs (all adults) need a booster shot. = 100,000 Korean Won
3. Nellie tested positive for heartworms. We know this will be expensive to treat, but are looking to start by raising 400,000 for her.
4. Cost of heartguard for 5 dogs for 3 months = 30,000 per dog per month = 450,000 Korean Won
5. Poor Billy is going blind. He needs medication to keep the inflammation down in his eyes = 50,000 for a 3 months supply.
- Billy also needs his teeth badly scaled, as they are rotting= 170,000 Korean Won

IF YOU CAN HELP! Even if it's 5,000 Won, that would be A-MAZING!
Let us know to what cause (1-5) you'd like your money to go!

Please transfer to:
Tilley Sara

To learn more about the Forgottens, please visit their profiles...

Billy: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/318
Nellie: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1803
Happy: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/316
Frankenstein: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/317
Freckles: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1701

In rescue,

Sara, Emma, Kayt & Tony @ KAPS

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Pictures from the vet...

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My adorable fur baby Layla (formerly Princess) was once a KAPS forgotten pup too! So sad that they are in such pain. I can't bank online at home but will transfer money as soon as I get back to school on Monday!!

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Thank you so much!!

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Please use it for whatever is most crucial/urgent, etc!

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I'm SO glad you guys started doing this! I've been worried sick about those 5. What with just getting William Chaucer, I can't foster right now, but I'll try and send something to help them.

I don't know that this helps, but I was curious about malassezia and found this: http://www.upei.ca/~cidd/Diseases/dermatology/Malassezia%20dermatitis.htm

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Thanks for your support, Meghann!!!! You helped by adopting William Chaucer-- or we'd be treating 6 dogs instead of 5! I know William is eating up your funds-- even 5,000won would be much, much appreciated. Thanks for the link as well, super helpful for those wanting to know more.

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We've been able to get started, but we still need help with finishing this crucial treatment. Please consider donating or fostering! Thank you!

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151 views and 1 donation? :( I know our Forgottens may not be as cute as some of the other dogs on this site, but they have a lot of heart. Please consider helping them!

Thank you, Matthew, for donating over 70% of our goal!!!!!!! You're a superstar.

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Thank you to Meghann and Allison for your donations! ^^

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the forgottens are beautiful. whether they are unkempt or cleaned up, you can see their beauty. when they get groomed, you can see that they are diamonds in the rough. all they need is a loving home to make them shine.

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You are so, so right Phantom Lover! Someone just needs to give these bundles of love a chance :) Then, they will see what we do.

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Hey, how's the fundraising going? How much more is needed?

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Hey Megs!

The fundraising is going pretty well! I will have the final tally this weekend when I visit my bank (no online banking :(

We had a very generous donation from Matthew, a past volunteer extraordinaire, now living back in the States. Fingers crossed we can wrap this fundraising up very soon!~

I will provide an update this weekend on the financial details!

As for the dogs, their skin has improved loads with vetting and frequent washing with special shampoos. We are having a KAPS dog walk this weekend, so more pictures to follow. :)

Thank you for your interest in our Forgottens!

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Hey guys!

I know this has been changed to "Thank you." I'm currently exchanging SCOBYs for 15,000w, all of which is going to KAPS.

I have 13,000w for KAPS. (The guy only gave me 13k, though it was 15k.....)

I'll update here and on the KAPS page when I get more donations together!

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Hi again!

It's +15,000w to the fund, so we now have 28,000w!

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Yay!!! Thank you so much. :)

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Do the pups need more funds?

hakuna.matata's picture

At this point in time, I'd say no. :) In future, we will likely need to raise a bit more if Nellie's heartworm treatment turns out to be really expensive. For now, it's under control!! In LARGE part, because of you! :)

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I understand that Billy might be heading to the U.S., so he needs some medical work done (teeth scaling, etc.)
Is this right?

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Hi Megs and PhantomLover!

Updates! Billy has been fully vaccinated and will hopefully be going to the US in September. He still needs a bit more work done with his eyes and teeth, but his medical fees are under control.

The other Forgottens are in good health, and we will vaccinate them all soon (hard to coordinate with vacation season, etc). Their skin is perfect :)

The only exception is Nellie. She tested heartworm positive, and we will not have enough money to fully treat her, but enough to get the ball rolling. She is still in good spirits and is really starting to open up to people.

That's all for now! Thanks so much for your interested and continued support!