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Hi everyone!

I was a member a few years back but I've been popping in and out of the country so much these past two years I've had to reactivate my member account. :)

I just thought everyone might want to know about a pretty exciting event that will be happening this weekend in Ansan. The 1st Skyhoundz World Championship Korean Qualifier will be held on the Sunday, 16th of June 2013.

Skyhoundz ( is the largest world canine disc sporting event, and is based in the USA. They have international qualifiers all over the world and excitingly enough, we are hosting our first Korean qualifier this year! Those who qualify are eligible to attend the finals being held in the USA in late September in Chattanooga, TN. Another exciting thing is that world champion Peter Bloeme(just google him and you'll see why it's gonna be a great event) will also be coming to Korea to judge the event and will be in Korea from the 10th of June till the 16th of June, holding seminars and clinics for canine disc sport lovers!

I thought the pet community in Korea, especially the foreigner community(who are probably more familiar and interested in dog sports than Koreans) might be interested in coming to a canine disc competition event being hosted in Ansan on the 16th of June 2013. I know it's short notice but it's going to be a wonderful event and I'm sure some of you guys have dogs that you play frisbee with and would love to attend. Admission is free so it would be a great day to come out and have some fun and meet other dog lovers!

The event will be held at the Wah Stadium in Ansan and will be action packed with dog runs, a booth for an animal rescue organization, photo contests, picture drawing contests, food and beverage stalls, a Nanta performance and the main event which is the canine disc competition.

I know that most of the images I've put up are in Korean, so here is the information for the event:

Name of event:
1st Skyhoundz World Championship Korea Qualifier

Date & Time:
Sunday, 16th of June, 2013, 9:40AM - 6:00PM

Wah Stadium, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do (Subway: Blue 4 line-Gojan Station, please contact me for a simple map of

Included events:
Dog runs(owners and pets run together in the race!), animal shelther booth for information on adopting, dog training
clinic(20minutes), Nanta performance, food & beverage stalls, Skyhoundz Canine Disc World Championship Korea

Important website links:
1. Skyhoundz USA website (here you'll find general information about Skyhoundz and the competition)
2. Skyhoundz Korea website
3. Skyhoundz Canine Disc Competition rules/guideline
--> -> scroll down and click on the English Version PDF file of "Disc Dogs Rock!" (most of the information needed to compete is in this PDF file) next to the USA flag.

Important contact information:
Name: Sa-Eun Park, or Alex Lee
Cell phone #: 010-8639-6354 (english speaking)
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

If you plan to compete in any of the competitions (Dog Run, Skyhoundz World Championship Korea Qualifier) please contact me ahead of time so that I can fill you in on the details of the schedule for the day, and also to inform you of competition rules and things you may need to prepare.

If you don't plan to compete still come along for the fun! I know many of you guys are familiar with disc dogs where you're from and haven't had much opportunity to enjoy the sport here in Korea. This would be a great opportunity to meet people who are actively involved in the sport here in Korea.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the number above, and if I don't pick up for whatever reason please do leave me a text message so that I can get back to you asap.

I hope some of you guys can make it to the event!

If not, have a great weekend everyone!


Sa Eun Park and Alex Lee.

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Here are some additional images about the event! I could only post one photo on the blog posting so here are the rest. I've included a simple map(excuse the terrible sketching!) of directions to the Wah Stadium from Gojan subway station.

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How did the Skyhoundz event go? Was it very busy? Did many people visit the animal shelter / animal rescue booth?

I hope it was a fun and sunny day :)