For cat people stuck in finding a last minute catsitter or have trouble finding excellent, affordable, clean, cat friendly accommodation, check out Momo Cat Hotel!

Finding myself having to leave the country suddenly and thus no time to organise a sitter, I searched high and low for a good cat boarding service. However I felt pretty depressed and deflated of the usual services offered by vets and small cat hotel cafes that sees cats confined to tiny cupboard like spaces or glass cabinets and would make any cat go crazy, neurotic, depressed or all of the aforementioned. So I jumped on Naver and searched cat hotels in Seoul and discovered Momo Cat Hotel.


They're located in Wolgye Dong, Nowon Gu, just near Changdong subway station, north east of Seoul, but don't let the distance deter you - they can pick up and drop off your kitty for a reasonable fee from anywhere in Seoul. Plus if your cat stays longer than 10 days, one trip will be free! The manager Jung Min was also kind enough for us to kindly join him on the pick up and see our kitty Hobbes settle into his room, then drop us off at the nearby subway station after.

Scroll down here and check the fee price for your area >>>


Momo Cat Hotel is a converted villa apartment space and has 13 private rooms for cats and a open office/lounge space full of cat towers and cat friendly furniture. There are three types of rooms, all of which have ample space, places for cats to jump, play and hide as well as go to the toilet.

1. Standard A - the smallest but still extremely spacious for a cat though it has no window or a very small window. This room costs 27,000 won per day

2. Standard B - a little larger than Standard A and has a nice sizeable window. This room is 30,000 per day

3. Special room - this is the largest room, ideal for more than one cat and has some nice cat furniture.
You can also see prices if you are boarding more than one cat in each type of room >>>

And go here, click ' Room 사진 ' to see photos of the all room types. You can try and reserve a particular room number if you fancy too! >>>


When you make your reservation you are required to pay 10% of the total amount, including any transport fee, and the remaining amount on the day of pick up.


Cats are fed Orijen dry food (excellent!!!) and you can choose between free feeding or timed feedings. They also offer American Organics or Royal Canin if you prefer, and have different varieties for different cats i.e kitten, adult, light. If your kitty is on a wet food diet, you can also supply them with wet food for your cat and discuss your cats scheduled feeding times with them. They also provide snacks and treats ^^

Each room has a humidifier and bacteria filter appliance. You can also choose what kind of litter you would like - from fragrant less to fragrant sand, as well as pellet litter. Litter is cleaned everyday and the box washed once a week.


Cats are also let out of their rooms once a day to roam around, play and hang out on the cat furniture and socialise with other cats and the resident feline manager, Momo. The staff also spend time playing, grooming and petting your cat in their rooms.


The rooms and hotel space are wonderfully clean and quiet for the cats i.e no bad cafe music playing, but I believe you can choose to have music played in your cats room, from light jazz, classical and instrumental!!? However, it's still a peaceful and low key environment for the cats. Addditionally, there is always at least one person at Momo throughout the day and night to be there with the cats. Jung Min is also wonderful is keeping a daily diary of your cat and documenting your cats activities and wellbeing.

Check out the DIARY PAGE here.You can also reply in the comment section of your cat's diary page, but you will need a Naver ID and password. >>>

And the best thing! ...... each room has a WEBCAM so you can see how your kitty's doing anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day! Jung Min was kind enough to set it up as an app on my phone for extra convenience. I have to say, this was a wonderful thing to have and reassures the most concerned kitty guardian, no matter how far away you are. However, the webcam only works on Firefox and Safari, not Chrome.


I really cannot be happier with the care, consideration, facilities and service of Momo. It's great to actually find something like this in Seoul and it gave me much peace and mind while I was away. Jung Min and his staff are lovely cat people and they give excellent individual attention to each cat. My kitty Hobbes developed a mild runny nose and slight sniffles the day before he was due to return to my house, and though he recovered two days after he returned home (just spring allergies) Jung Min continued to follow up with me on how he was doing after he left. He showed genuine concern for Hobbes even though he was experiencing his usual seasonal allergies. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and concern. Besides this, Hobbes came back to us happy, healthy and well. We even got some small print outs of adorable photos Jung Min took of Hobbes during this stay there which was very sweet! Jung Min is a little shy as he doesn't speak English but he also has a friend, Jian, who does and she was wonderful and helpful to deal with when I needed to. If you can't speak Korean, ask a Korean friend to help you make a reservation or contact Jian.

Anyway, have a wander around the website and check it out. I highly recommend Momo Cat Hotel ^^


Website >>>

Phone >>> Jung Min 070 8829 2525 / Jian Im 010 6758 6567

Also, if you have any questions you can contact me (Daisy) at [email protected].

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marlajoy's picture

Wow! Sounds about as great as it can get! Thanks for posting this because I've been concerned that I wouldn't be able to leave for a week for a funeral back home because I didn't have anywhere to leave my cats that I was ok with. But I would definitely feel good about leaving them there and knowing they could stay together in comfort and I could always see how they are doing!! :)

megs's picture

That's great!!

dbis's picture

So sorry to hear Marla that you have to return for a funeral, my condolences. But Momo will be great place to leave your cats while you're away :)

Karen's picture

Thanks for writing up all the info about this place!!

I've added the link to the ARK Links Directory as well under the (relatively new) category "Pet Sitting and Boarding".

dbis's picture

Great! Thanks Karen!

Amanda24601's picture

Wow, this is soooo cool! Thanks SO much for the info on this place! Love, LOVE the webcam idea! Can't beat those prices either... Wow, my husband and I may actually be able to get away for our tenth anniversary after all!!! Is the price per cat or per room?

dbis's picture

Hi Amanda! The aforementioned prices I'm guessing are per cat for each room type. Here's the prices for boarding 2 or more cats in each room, but you may need to clarify with Jian if Jung Min charges the mentioned prices per cat or if it's the price for both cats, I'd say it's for both??

Amanda24601's picture

Oh I see- 2,3,4,5 cats- got it, great! Still a bargain compared to what you'd pay in the States for the same facilities (but probably inferior care from what it sounds like)! Thanks!!